Taking a moment to appreciate progress in your homeschool

Do you keep a portfolio?

I am not required by my state to keep a portfolio, but I save our work anyway to compare progress from one year to the next.  I've always been a box checker, and I suppose having this side by side comparison helps me check a mental box

Here's the real pay off though... day by day we don't always see the progress our kids are making.  Red faces and tear stained cheeks make us forget how much child A has improved socially.  Relentlessly repeating, "If you just finish the page, then you can ________."  We get so busy trying to survive another day, we so easily are tossed into the old adage, "The days are long, but the years are short."  

Seeing progress throughout the year is a great way to stay motivated through the hard seasons sure to come.  I like to take pictures on my phone so they show up in my time hop.  They always show up exactly when I need them.  Two days into a refusal to write - and boom! - I've got digital gold to calm my nerves and remind me that this is a process.

My boys treasured gains 

My oldest clawed his way to massive improvements in social conversations and structured writing.  Little dude is now sounding out his words.  The sweetly miss-spelled words make my heart sing, as last year we met a chronic refusal to even try.

What has struck you most about your child(ren)'s progress this last year?


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