Staying in shape for the homeschool mom

Tips and ideas for staying in shape at a homeschooling mom or work at home mom.

So what do you do with all your free time as a homeschool mom?

Ha!  I know, I am laughing at that too.😉  I had no idea how large a chuck of my time homeschooling would eat up.  I pictured playing a few videos for my kids and then cutting them loose to scribble away on their papers while I knocked out dishes.  Right....

I have fibromyalgia, which means I am in some major pain if I don't exercise regularly.  When the reality of homeschool hit hard, it was the first thing to go.  That couldn't last without me crumbling physically.  If you've homeschooled for any decent amount of time, I am sure you realize how hard it is to pour from an empty cup!

Finding my footing

I started to figure it out somewhat and fit a little bit of exercise here and there.  It wasn't easy, but I was getting in just enough time.  Soon I was a work from home on top of the homeschooling -- holy moly... What in the world is a mama to do?  I honestly needed to fit both things in, and on a tight budget!

Tips and ideas for staying in shape at a homeschooling mom or work at home mom.


I used to live near a gym with childcare and it was my haven.  It's no longer an option for us, but it may be for you.  Imagine my face when I learned that many gyms now offer low membership fees in addition to low childcare fees.  Both EOS, and YMCA have good prices in my area.

Tips and ideas for staying in shape at a homeschooling mom or work at home mom.


I take my dog on daily walks before the kids wake up.  When my husband is away, I take them along.  It's such a refreshing way to start the day.  Early morning exposure to sunlight is good for your eyesight, and helpful for weight management!

Hiking is another fun option.  You can download a trails app, or yelp, to help you find the perfect-for-you trails.  Easily bring along the kids or dogs and pack plenty of water.  We like to add on a few geocaches, making it more like a fun treasure hunt than exercise.

One last outdoor option- if there is a track you have access to, or a playground nearby, setting up the kids with a picnic and play time while you walk or run circles around them is crazy convenient.  I'm able to see whether my sons are having outbursts, or playing safely, etc... which is golden.

At home

T.V. workouts - I'm sure you've heard of Beach Body (and no, I'm not a representative😂), I was skeptical about them for a while.  I recently started using one, and it is no joke!  I'm also a huge fan of Yoga with Adriene.  This is a completely free option for a great workout.  My mom tried it out with me for the first time, with eyes bulging out of her head, she spurted, "I thought this was just stretching!"  It's gentle, but it's no joke!  Our library also has several workout DVDs, so don't forget to see what yours may offer.

With equipment - TRX is a favorite of mine, but the straps can be pricey!  I also use resistance bands and pair them with workout plans.  Fitness Buddy has pre-loaded plans for them, or you can adapt a workout plan from  I use their Jamie Eason plan with the Fitness Buddy app to find exercises that target the same muscles in the same way as the plan using body weight and bands.

Without equipment- has a few body-weight workouts on their site, and here is another good one you can try.  Having been through an real military boot camp, I can attest to the fact that body-weight exercises can do plenty to change your physique, you just need consistency

Are there any good tips you've found?  Please share with us below!


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