5 Reasons we chose year round homeschool for our ASD son.

Should I homeschool my Autistic child?  Should I do it year round?  If you have questions about the benefits of a year round schedule, take a look at the 5 reasons why we love it!

Reasons why we love homeschooling year-round

Don't you just hate when you have a perfect homeschooling plan, and everything just goes off the rails for one reason or another?  Me too!  Year-round schooling has made a great thing even greater.  Sit back, savor your coffee or tea, and dream a bit about your own homeschool experience while I share with you what we love about year round homeschool.  

1. Meltdowns

Theirs and mine... when my boys have just had it, when my heart feels like it's going to explode, we have flexibility to take the day off.  There is no end-of-year dreading making up days.  No wondering when we will actually finish.  We simply swap our days off that week.  Typically Friday is our kick up our feet day, but if nuclear meltdown occurs on Wednesday,  that's our new reset day for the week.

2. Routine is key

I count my lucky stars that we don't have to stick to an exact schedule day for day each week, but we do need a generally consistent routine.  If my ASDer has more than 7-10 days off, not only does he tend to get restless, but he rages when it's time to begin school again.  Working throughout the summer keeps us "in the groove" so to speak.

3. Appointments, sick days, and therapy galore?

Ain't no thang 😁...  When we still had a ton of appointments, trying to beat the clock with our school work before therapy made my head pound.  Having fewer school days per week is another sanity saver for the special needs mom.  

Don't forget the sick days!  We missed the flu last year (Praise God!), but it hit us hard the year before.  We all may wake up with fevers and chills, but no sweat 😉 because we will just shift to a few other days in the month, and never touch our weekend time.

4. Disneyland off-season

Seriously though.

We actually have yet to do Disneyland since becoming homeschoolers, but you had better believe we are going to enjoy the park during some seasonal down-time!  The same goes for any other attraction or event your family may have in mind.  Being able to travel, and not worry about schoolwork while everyone else is working away is probably my favorite perk.  Granted, it can be hard during the summer to watch other kids running around on a school day, but then again, the lines for everything are long on a traditional summer break.

5. Real life doesn't give you summers off

 Depending on your child's specific disability, they may not need to have this made clear to them.  Maybe they can just understand and accept that they will work over the summer (assuming they are able to work or have on-going household responsibilities).  My son will be absolutely able to work, but the reality that work will most likely be an on-going thing, that will need to be learned through experience.  I am doing my best to prepare my son for "real life" as a high functioning Autistic man.  He will need to work, he will need to be responsible, he will need to cook and clean - you get it...  We try to keep from framing learning as "work", but we point out that we have things to do daily to better ourselves and care for others, we don't just take 3 months off of our routines and responsibilities.  So far it has served us well!

Keep your eyes peeled for how we schedule our year, coming soon.

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