Homeschool Planning for the Year-Round Homeschooler

What does your year round homeschool look like?

You may be wondering , "Won't homeschooling suck up my whole summer and all the fun"?  No.  I talked about that a bit before, but if you've also been wondering about how one goes about setting it up, I'll share with you what we did and why.  It should give you a starting off point to think about your own planning.

Does it matter when we start?

Technically, no.  I would argue maybe... If you are more of an unschooler, then probably not.  Additionally, if you are good with cramming make up days throughout the year like clothes in a duffel (you never know when an emergency will hit), it may not matter when your journey starts.  It may even be worth doing that for a year to get on track!

I start our new year in the summer, I like to be ahead of the curve.  If we have something major go down that is going to take out one week of our schooling, I can plug them in over a longer period of time.  More specifically, I can fit them in during rainy fall and winter days when there's not much else to do, or at least anytime before summer.  That's one of the ways I protect summer fun!  If we are ending our year with the end of summer, we may end up with a whole lot less down time. 

What our actual calendar looks like:

We teach 180 days a year, just to be consistent.  We don't have a time requirement here, but I like to stick to the boundaries... natural born rule follower here.  That averages out to 15 days a month.  You could just go ahead and do 15 days a month, but I like to build in a few breaks, one for each quarter.  

I print out calendars for all of the 12 coming months and pencil in where I think I'd like my breaks to be.  Next, I circle our likely school days.  This year, official learning days are Monday through Thursday to enjoy long weekends.  Previously, we have had Wednesdays off because they were unable to power through that many days in a row.

I total up each month, write the number at the top, and see whether I am over or under for the year.  I go back and adjust accordingly, trimming from longer months.  When all is said and done, all 180 days are penciled in, I write the number of days we are "supposed" to have at the top of the calendar.  When I get to that month, if I have to re-arrange, I can easily re-count and make sure we stay on track.

What are you doing differently in planning your year-round homeschool?  Any fears about trying year-round schooling?  Would love to hear your thoughts! 

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