Creative Writing for your Non-Writer

Inspire your children to write by sharing comic publications from peers!

Neither of my boys are writers...

Getting them to write is basically like pulling teeth...  When my friend Jenny posted a link to her son's Minecraft story, I wondered if it might inspire my oldest son to do some writing.

He's always like writing out his own little comics, but getting him to pre-plan, type, or edit anything was always a non-starter.  Seeing a published story from a peer lit a fire under his but and excited him to no end.

He spent the whole next week working on this project (even after school work) and wants to share it with the world!  If you have a chance, or a writer it may inspire, please feel free to download it and leave feedback int he comments.  It'll make his day! 😉

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Anonymous said...

I do not know much about sonic the hedgehog but i think the pictures were creative.


Jenny said...

I'm so excited about your book! It makes me happy to see you two boys inspiring each other to write. Great job on your story!