10 things to accomplish this summer

Have any goals or things to accomplish over the summer?  As a your round homeschooler, special needs mom, and work from home mother, here is my list!  I'd love to hear what's on yours!

Do you have any goals planned for the summer?

We homeschool year round, so there are plenty of things for us to be planning, but even if you don't, there are still fun goals to meet!  Writing down your goals means you will be 42% more likely to be successful in achieving them - yay!  I'd love to hear some of yours, and will share my top 10 countdown as well. 😁  

10) Go on a walk every morning

I started going on a walk every morning as a way to get in some extra steps, some sunlight, and prayer time.  Now that my husband is deployed, I am taking the boys with me, but it's still working out fairly well.  I'm hoping to continue that over the summer and not allow myself to become complacent!

9) Practice yoga daily

Lately I've been neglecting my yoga practice a bit... you know, the only so many hours in a day excuse?  I need to get back to it though, because it really does help me to feel so much less rushed and relaxed.  It's a must-do for us Fibromyalgia peeps.  My favorite is Yoga with Adriene.

8) Plan out the rest of this next school year

I'm kind of a relaxed homeschooler...  I track our attendance and make sure we hit learning standards, but if we have a few mental health days and don't quite reach 180, I'm a-okay with that.  That said, having a plan to follow (even if it's flexibly) is super liberating and helps me to relax so much more.  The first year we were homeschooling it would have been impossible for me to do.  We planned week by week.  Last year it was month by month.  Now that we have a rhythm and I know my sons' learning styles, I'm on board with getting a plan together.  I'm about 75% of the way there planning wise, and need to print and sort (meh!). 

7) Get a hang of meal time

This one is a biggie.  I was doing meal planning for a while, and it was a huge help.  Thing is... I feel like there is more improvement to be made.  Working from home is exhausting some days, and time is money.  Add kids who hate grocery shopping?  No thank you.  

I decided to try out eMeals and Smith's Clicklist to see if it makes life easier, yet still affordable.  I'm trying it out this week, and if it works out, I'll be continuing with it after I return from visiting all of the grandparents!  I'll keep you updated!

6) Enjoy family

So as I just mentioned, I'm seeing all the grandparents with the kidlets this summer.  We will be traveling for quite a while.  I'm super excited to see everyone, but getting anxious about spending so much time away from my pup and my home.  This summer, I'm making extra effort to unplug from work and enjoy my family.  When you live the military life, these times can be so few and far between. 

5) Reduce screen time

I have been relying on screen time a little more than I'd like this last year.  It's one of those things where, after all the school, then the work, and house work, you just want to be a zombie...  So many times I just want to completely zone out.  I've been using iPad as a quick fix for the boys, and spending too much time letting my own eyes glaze over on the Hallmark channel. 😜

4) Read more

Again- see number 5.  We are huge library fanatics.  Last week I had to carry my youngest out literally kicking and screaming after he lost checkout privileges.  I don't typically believe in taking that privilege away, but we had a lost book issue for the bazillionth time, so it was the natural consequence.  Anyway...  I've checked out the same book a dozen times, and still have yet to read beyond the second chapter.  This is my summer for reading!  

3) See at least one movie that I want to see

Today we saw Captain Underpants (it was better than I expected), and the next one planned is Despicable Me 3.  This is pretty much the way our movie going is.  This summer, I plan to find a way to see a total chick flick on my own!😊

2) Get a birthday calendar set up 

I am horrible (horrible) at remembering birthday and sending cards and presents on time.  I have a few family members that are on point with this... and that makes me feel even worse! 🙊  Getting organized this year!  I am making a goal not to miss more than 25% of my birthday calendar this time around! 😂  If you have tips, puh-leeeease share with me.


With so much going on this summer, I don't want to be so focused on what I'm forgetting in my schedule or to-do list that I forget to be present.  I keep looking back at my boys being young (thank Timehop), and I am realizing I need to not be so busy that I miss these moments with them.

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Morgan C said...

Your list sounds awesome and completely doable! Do you go to a studio to yoga and do it at home also? I like the morning walk idea, what a great way to wake up.

Have you ever tried HomeChef or Hello Fresh for meal planning? I didn't think I would buy into the whole thing but I love them. Right now, HomeChef has some really good meals coming up. (I have them on hold until we get back from vacation in mid-July) I like the packaging of Hello Fresh better though.