10 signs you're an Autism mama...

You know you're a mom when (special needs edition)...

1) Legos are everywhere!

2) Screen time brings more joy than Santa.

3) People want to know why you use a stroller for "such an old kid" at Disneyland.

4) Every attempt at a family photo looks like this.

5) Sensory everything, all the time.

6) Sensory seeking = tons of messes to find and clean up.

7) Checking the behavior trackers sent home make you crazy nervous.

8)  Intense toothbrush fear ends up in multiple oral surgeries at a young age. 😖

8) Everything gets needs lined up.
8b) Everything.
9) Touching pumpkin goop is breaking news.

10) The sight of your children putting each other first melts your heart to the extreme!

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