Friday Freebie: Fitness tracker

It's hard to stay in shape as a homeschool parent or work at home parent.  Hop on over for a free fitness tracker to help you chronicle all of your food, exercise, water intake, and supplements!

A new freebie to help you stay in shape:

Earlier this week I wrote a post suggesting several ways to try to stay in shape as a homeschooling and/or work at home mom.  It's rough to fit it all in for sure, but another thing that helps is adding in a fitness/food diary.

As Kristen Kirkpatrick mentions in this article, we can sometimes be fooling ourselves with how much we are eating. We are on the go and tend to forget what we ate and when.  Dessert time rolls around and we think, "I've been pretty good!"  We may actually be forgetting the extra calories we treated ourselves to at lunch.

Staying in shape for the homeschool mom

Tips and ideas for staying in shape at a homeschooling mom or work at home mom.

So what do you do with all your free time as a homeschool mom?

Ha!  I know, I am laughing at that too.😉  I had no idea how large a chuck of my time homeschooling would eat up.  I pictured playing a few videos for my kids and then cutting them loose to scribble away on their papers while I knocked out dishes.  Right....

I have fibromyalgia, which means I am in some major pain if I don't exercise regularly.  When the reality of homeschool hit hard, it was the first thing to go.  That couldn't last without me crumbling physically.  If you've homeschooled for any decent amount of time, I am sure you realize how hard it is to pour from an empty cup!

Finding my footing

I started to figure it out somewhat and fit a little bit of exercise here and there.  It wasn't easy, but I was getting in just enough time.  Soon I was a work from home on top of the homeschooling -- holy moly... What in the world is a mama to do?  I honestly needed to fit both things in, and on a tight budget!

10 signs you're an Autism mama...

You know you're a mom when (special needs edition)...

1) Legos are everywhere!

2) Screen time brings more joy than Santa.

3) People want to know why you use a stroller for "such an old kid" at Disneyland.

4) Every attempt at a family photo looks like this.

5) Sensory everything, all the time.

6) Sensory seeking = tons of messes to find and clean up.

7) Checking the behavior trackers sent home make you crazy nervous.

8)  Intense toothbrush fear ends up in multiple oral surgeries at a young age. 😖

8) Everything gets needs lined up.
8b) Everything.
9) Touching pumpkin goop is breaking news.

10) The sight of your children putting each other first melts your heart to the extreme!

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Friday Freebie: b&d Letter Reversals

Looking for free worksheets for b & d confusion?  Click on over for your download now!

New printables are ready for you to download!

I created a new set of printables for my son, who sometimes struggles with letter reversals.  Hopefully, these can help you too!  If you are already a newsletter subscriber, then you already have the password.  If you are new around here, subscribe in the form to the right to receive your password.

Keep your eyes peeled for more similar resources down the road, and please share this link (not your download) with anyone that you know would be blessed by this resource.

Looking for free worksheets for b & d confusion?  Click on over for your download now!
Grab your free worksheets over here!


Late Development: late doesn't necessarily mean never

“The path of development is a journey of discovery that is clear only in retrospect, and it’s rarely a straight line.” ― Eileen Kennedy-Moore

Should I just give up?

Sometimes developmental milestones may not ever be met, other times we simply need to hang in there long enough.  Once upon a time, I lived in a placed called denial for a few good months.  I always just chalked K's lack of speech up to being a late bloomer.  Too many thoughts in his head maybe.  Right.

The day I accepted my gut feeling was right all along was a hard day.  I called mom for reassurance, only to hear, "I think you are right."  My shower that day hid the gallons of tears I shed while wondering if I would ever hear the sound of his voice.  Despair overwhelmed me and my mind switched over to the constant expectation of "never."

It looks nothing like I had imagined...

My son found his voice, albeit late, and many hours of intervention later.  There are milestones that likely will never be met for us (or for others of you).  Hang in there!  Keep trying, and when you can't take it anymore, take a (well deserved!) break.  You may see no rhyme or reason in the how and why of now, but the "future you" may see beauty in the chaos that once was.

Maybe your child won't recover or learn some skills.  Maybe life will be different than you pictured...  I suppose optimism is my coping method of choice, but I find it has served me well!


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Taking a moment to appreciate progress in your homeschool

Do you keep a portfolio?

I am not required by my state to keep a portfolio, but I save our work anyway to compare progress from one year to the next.  I've always been a box checker, and I suppose having this side by side comparison helps me check a mental box

Here's the real pay off though... day by day we don't always see the progress our kids are making.  Red faces and tear stained cheeks make us forget how much child A has improved socially.  Relentlessly repeating, "If you just finish the page, then you can ________."  We get so busy trying to survive another day, we so easily are tossed into the old adage, "The days are long, but the years are short."  

Seeing progress throughout the year is a great way to stay motivated through the hard seasons sure to come.  I like to take pictures on my phone so they show up in my time hop.  They always show up exactly when I need them.  Two days into a refusal to write - and boom! - I've got digital gold to calm my nerves and remind me that this is a process.

My boys treasured gains 

My oldest clawed his way to massive improvements in social conversations and structured writing.  Little dude is now sounding out his words.  The sweetly miss-spelled words make my heart sing, as last year we met a chronic refusal to even try.

What has struck you most about your child(ren)'s progress this last year?


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Sight Words Freebie: 176-200

Free sight word worksheets for your 1st grader!

New Freebie

Short and sweet today- here is the last sight words set!  If you missed any of the other 3, you can grab them all in the same spot! 


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10 things to accomplish this summer

Have any goals or things to accomplish over the summer?  As a your round homeschooler, special needs mom, and work from home mother, here is my list!  I'd love to hear what's on yours!

Do you have any goals planned for the summer?

We homeschool year round, so there are plenty of things for us to be planning, but even if you don't, there are still fun goals to meet!  Writing down your goals means you will be 42% more likely to be successful in achieving them - yay!  I'd love to hear some of yours, and will share my top 10 countdown as well. 😁  

10) Go on a walk every morning

I started going on a walk every morning as a way to get in some extra steps, some sunlight, and prayer time.  Now that my husband is deployed, I am taking the boys with me, but it's still working out fairly well.  I'm hoping to continue that over the summer and not allow myself to become complacent!

Free and Inexpensive Father's Day crafts

Free and inexpensive Father's day crafts that are adorable.  You'll love them!

4 fun Father's Day crafts

Looking for something fun for Father's day that your kids can fully take ownership over?  I buy my husband's favorite on his wishlist, but the most important part is always the homemade something from each of the boys.

I did a little digging around to see what we could make and mail over to their dad, currently deployed.  I found a couple of cute options and a freebie as well.  I wanted to link them up here in case you haven't thought about it and wanted to save a little time.

So I really like this one for older or more advanced kids,  I especially love that it includes options for other male family members. This superhero themed printable is definitely my favorite! 😍  Check out a little preview through our own project below.

Free and inexpensive Father's day crafts that are adorable.  You'll love them!

If you are looking for a cute, free, option, you can check out this cute little toolkit!  It is really simple, but also adorable.  It's great for all ages, but especially the littles.  You may even want to combine this with one of the other options.

One other free option also includes Grandpas over here; it's a cute list of the top 5 reasons your child loves Dad or Grandpa.

And a fun little DIY wrapping

To "wrap up"😏, you can check out this tutorial for a cute wrapping idea.  Either you can use it to wrap your regular gifts, a baked treat, or to present any of the options above.  It's crazy cute!


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Creative Writing for your Non-Writer

Inspire your children to write by sharing comic publications from peers!

Neither of my boys are writers...

Getting them to write is basically like pulling teeth...  When my friend Jenny posted a link to her son's Minecraft story, I wondered if it might inspire my oldest son to do some writing.

He's always like writing out his own little comics, but getting him to pre-plan, type, or edit anything was always a non-starter.  Seeing a published story from a peer lit a fire under his but and excited him to no end.

He spent the whole next week working on this project (even after school work) and wants to share it with the world!  If you have a chance, or a writer it may inspire, please feel free to download it and leave feedback int he comments.  It'll make his day! 😉

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Friday Freebie: Sight Words 151-175

Set #3 is ready to go!

The next 25 sight words are all set to go, and you can grab them over here.   If you missed the first three sets, you can find them on the same page.  If you'd like to share with a friend, please send a link to this page, and not the actual freebie itself.  Thank you for your help on this!

I hope you enjoy this new freebie, and keep your eyes peeled for pack number 4!

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