Resources for When Your Child is a Reluctant Reader

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Encouraging you child to Read

I don't think it's any secret to close friends and family that my boys are a bit "lazy" when it comes to work.  Honestly though, it's not laziness, it's mental fatigue.  They avoid mental work at all costs.  This is a problem when we get to subjects that aren't a preferred activity.

My oldest son is most likely hyperlexic.  He has been reading since an incredibly young age and has loved the imaginary world books open up to him.  My younger son, however, struggles with anything related to works and letters.  For a long time I suspected some form of dyslexia.  I am confident now that he is not, but it's still just not in his wheelhouse.  It's work, not pleasure.

How can I encourage reading?

 Books are the gateway to incredible imaginary worlds and a ridiculous amount of information.  Getting your child to read more is a great thing.  So below I have a few tips for you.

1.  Are you just experiencing some gaps in their skills?  The book Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons has come highly recommended by other homeschooling friends of mine, unfortunately for us, after we were over the hump of getting reading skills down.  It may be a big help to you though, as it was for my friends.

2.  Make them work for TV time! I loved encouraging my son to read, and be motivated to practice by allowing him extra tv time... with a catch.  I muted his shows and put on closed captioning.  So long as it isn't a fast moving show, it it doable!  This one really lit a fire under him, as his brother knew what was going on, but he didn't.  I just expressed that I needed some quiet time, so it was that or nothing.  Granted, this didn't teach him to read any better, but it motivated him, and gave extra practice.

3.  Try out Epic! (this is not an affiliate link) Both of my boys love Epic! and it is a great addition to homeschooling.  It is aptly billed at the Netflix for children's books.  You can download books to your device even, which is great for road trips and on-the-go homeschooling.  So here is the great thing for a reluctant reader... they have "read-to-me" books that have audio, the book pages, and the words written on the screen as the book is read!

4.  Let them have fun!  Don't get so caught up in curriculum and meeting goals that reading becomes a chore.  I always took my son to the library, but I started letting him get any books he wanted, even the ones above his reading level.  That was a huge motivator for him, he was sick of just looking at the pictures.  In the meantime though, just looking at the pages kept him interested in books!  

If you have any other tips, please share in the comments below!


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