Freebie: Make spelling fun!

Play while you learn

If your children are anything like either of my boys, then they don't like writing!  A friend of mine had a sneaky genius way to get her son to practice spelling.  We are now using it too, and I am sharing my templates with you to make it easier!

You make a game board for each player with the printables found here.  You can re-print and make new ones each time, but I decided to make mine reusable with some colored paper, lamination (this is the machine I use and love!), and expo markers!

Play it like you would one of your favorite, classic, unnamed games!  You each fill in your spelling words on the bottom grid, and mark guesses on the top grid.  Call out your guess, letter & number, and they will reply with a "miss" or whatever letter you "hit".  When we are able to guess the word, we are allowed to guess (by spelling it out of course) on our next turn.  That saves a bit of time ;)

There are two sizes in your download- 10x10 and 15x15.

Have fun spelling you guys!

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