Freebie: Make spelling fun!

Play while you learn

If your children are anything like either of my boys, then they don't like writing!  A friend of mine had a sneaky genius way to get her son to practice spelling.  We are now using it too, and I am sharing my templates with you to make it easier!

You make a game board for each player with the printables found here.  You can re-print and make new ones each time, but I decided to make mine reusable with some colored paper, lamination (this is the machine I use and love!), and expo markers!

If You Could Heal Autism...

Would You Want to Heal Your Child's Autism?

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I am an admin over at the Special Needs Moms Network, and that means I get to see a lot of hot topics being debated.  This week there was a post about curing your child's Autism.  The opinions in the Autism Parent community run the gamut. Some people say it is incurable, others believe it is absolutely curable, and many wonder, "What in the world makes you think we need a cure?!"

I usually share at least one of my two cents there, however, I am also aware that sometimes my whole two cents are better left for this arena.  It got me thinking about a time that one of my most treasured friends and I were sitting on our back porch discussing this same topic.

Freebie: Download Autism Awareness Printables for Social Media Sharing!

How Will You Celebrate?

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Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate World Autism Awareness day?  I have got you covered with the newest freebie!  I know many people are starting to lean more towards Autism Acceptance (as am I), and so I wanted to make a positive printable to celebrate the strengths of our Autistic population.