Interactive unit: What was Pearl Harbor?

Interactive notebooks about Pearl Harbor for Kids!

My kids are cut and paste kids.  

Plain and simple, they like to have fun while learning.  For them - that includes working with their hands.  

They also  love the Who Was series of books!  On their own, they are nice supplements for social studies, but they've never been a complete unit for us.  I decided I would make them a bigger part of our schooling experience with interactive notebooks and chapter quizzes using thinkific.  Hopefully you will enjoy these units as well as us!

Pearl Harbor

I know I am a bit untimely with this one!  I had every intention of using it in December, but this idea for an interactive notebook didn't occur to me until November.  With the holidays and my boys' birthdays, this project fell to the wayside for a bit.  I considered starting with a different book, but I was just missing Hawaii way too much! 😁 If you ever have a chance to bring your family to Oahu, Pearl Harbor is a must see.  I used to live in a high rise out there and could see the memorial from my balcony.  Missing it like crazy!

The unit also has several notebooking pages with single lines as well as guided lines in case that is a preferred part of your writing method.

Sample page of  the interactive portion

More resources for kids can be found here:

To see a preview, take a look at the video section on facebook, or head straight over here to check out the actual unit itself.  Subscribe to the newsletter to be notified of new units as they are uploaded.  There is a free trial there for the intro chapter if you want to take a closer look at what you can expect.  If you have any requests for a specific Who Was book, feel free to email me. ;)


You can grab a copy of the book here:       

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