Friday Freebie: "Things to know about: __________" at-a-glance information about your child.

Leaving your kids in the care of others

Have you ever had a hard time leaving your kids with sitters, gym day cares, Sunday school teachers?  Trying to explain their diagnosis, or how to manage their behaviors, etc...  If you manage to remember everything you meant to say, will they even remember any of it when the chaos strikes?  It can be frustrating for you, your child, and the person left in charge.

Sunday School can be a rough one for us

We have had trouble with dropping our son off at Sunday School.  We always have.  I'm the parent that constantly repeats their pick up number to themselves, watching for it to flash on the pick-up screen.  For a few months, I was asked to sit in his class with him if I were going to drop him off. So that meant trying to entertain him and keep him quiet during the entire service, or just missing out on church altogether for me. That was a rough time in my life for me. 

My current church is amazing with him and everyone is doing their best to help him have fun with the class.  Their continuity wasn't the best, with volunteers in and out, so the director asked me to write a list of things that upset him though so they could all know his triggers.  Duh!  Why had I never thought of that before?!

A printable to help you out

While the idea was incubating, there was a thread in my special needs moms group that was highlighting just how big of a deal this is in our community.  I was so not alone in this.  Of course I already knew that... but seeing names, faces, and stories made it so much more real.  That's when I decided to take it a step further and create these free subscriber printables.

I know some people don't like to disclose diagnoses or label their children, so there is no spot for that.  If you do want to include that information though, there is an additional notes column at the bottom.  I hope these help you in whatever situation you share a similar struggle!

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