Friday Freebie: Going to a Funeral Social Story

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Free social story for children with Autism: Going to a memorial or funeral. This is written to address social behaviors and sights seen as a guest at a funeral or memorial
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Worried about going to a funeral or memorial?

I heard from a friend recently that she had a close friend pass away unexpectedly.  It was quite the shock, and he was the father of her son's best friend.  She was looking for a social story to help him think about what it was going to be like, and how he should act with his friend (daughter of the deceased).

Enter the social story...

This is why I decided to make this social story.  When she originally asked if I had one, I wished I could have said yes.  I realized this would be an incredibly helpful thing for our little ones who already struggle with big changes.  This being the case, I wanted to make it available free to all of my subscribers!

If you know anyone in this situation, concerned about behaviors & a sense of understanding as far as funerals and memorials go, please send them a link to this post.

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How to Print

After downloading this story and unlocking it with your password, print the PDF double sided, flipping on the long edge.  This will allow it to fold up like a booklet.  If you prefer to cut and staple, print single sided, cut papers into half sheets, and staple.

Thanks for sharing!

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