Teaching a child to tie shoes

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Think you are stuck with Velcro forever?

I know Velcro isn't a big deal when they are little...  it's easy enough to find Velcro shoes at reasonable prices.  When your kid starts to get a little older, it starts getting harder.  Maybe you've tried teaching your kids before, and it has ended in screams and tears (yours and theirs).  Before you give up trying, let me first share with you more about what worked for us.

Free Editable February Meal Calendar

 February Meal Calendar 

Free editable Meal calendar for February- prefilled with dinner recipe pins!

If you tried the January calendar and loved the convenience, here is February!  It is pre-filled with our Pinterest picks, so we never get stuck in too much of a rut!  Save time browsing Pinterest, or wondering what to make for dinner!

Free editable Meal calendar for February- prefilled with dinner recipe pins!
February preview

When we have a meal calendar planned, I find that we make less trips to the store, saving even more money!  I like to print all the recipes on the first of the month and store in a recipe binder.  If you are more digital, just click through the link each day as you cook!

We have a pizza night, do you have any theme nights?

As I mentioned in the January post, "Pizza Night Fridays" are our thing, and so is an occasional Hot dog Sunday. 😊  It's our compromise for all of the broccoli, cauliflower, and asparagus eaten throughout the rest of the week! 😁 With the calendar being editable though, you can simply delete any meals that don't fit your style and plug in your own.

Kids love it too...

My son loves seeing the calendar on the fridge and the predictability it offers.  When he sees there is something he doesn't like, he can brace himself 😜, but can also see pizza day is only so far away, or that a different favorite is coming up soon!  If you want to get them more involved in the kitchen, try letting them each pick a meal to put on a certain day.

You can download it here if you are a subscriber.


Friday Freebie: Going to a Funeral Social Story

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Free social story for children with Autism: Going to a memorial or funeral. This is written to address social behaviors and sights seen as a guest at a funeral or memorial
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Worried about going to a funeral or memorial?

I heard from a friend recently that she had a close friend pass away unexpectedly.  It was quite the shock, and he was the father of her son's best friend.  She was looking for a social story to help him think about what it was going to be like, and how he should act with his friend (daughter of the deceased).

Enter the social story...

This is why I decided to make this social story.  When she originally asked if I had one, I wished I could have said yes.  I realized this would be an incredibly helpful thing for our little ones who already struggle with big changes.  This being the case, I wanted to make it available free to all of my subscribers!

If you know anyone in this situation, concerned about behaviors & a sense of understanding as far as funerals and memorials go, please send them a link to this post.

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How to Print

After downloading this story and unlocking it with your password, print the PDF double sided, flipping on the long edge.  This will allow it to fold up like a booklet.  If you prefer to cut and staple, print single sided, cut papers into half sheets, and staple.

Thanks for sharing!

10 Things I wish I knew as New Special Needs Mom

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10 Things I wish I knew as a new Special Needs mom.

When the diagnosis comes, and your world changes...

I've been there too.  Even though I had a sense of certainty that my son would have Autism, when he was born I allowed a little part of myself to hope that I was just overthinking things. Nagging little red flags that made me wonder continued to be dismissed.  However, the feeling thoroughly twisting my insides never dissipated.  Many google searches later, when my son was 13 months old, I called my mom.  

She was always the one to convince me that every was fine.  This time was different.  There was a brief silence after I spoke out my deepest fear.  That silence swiftly crushed my hope.  "I think you are right.  I was thinking the same thing on your last visit, your sister was too.  We were going to talk to you on your next visit if you didn't say anything before then."  The flood gates burst opened.  

I spent the next two straight days crying my eyes out.  Knowing my mom and sister could also plainly see it somehow made it more real.  Immediately facing a fact that will change your family's lives in unknown ways is beyond overwhelming.  Don't beat yourself up for these feelings.  I am going to share with you the lessons I've learned over the last 9 years, hoping it makes your journey a bit easier.

10 Things to know as a new Special Needs Mom

Friday Freebie: "Things to know about: __________" at-a-glance information about your child.

Leaving your kids in the care of others

Have you ever had a hard time leaving your kids with sitters, gym day cares, Sunday school teachers?  Trying to explain their diagnosis, or how to manage their behaviors, etc...  If you manage to remember everything you meant to say, will they even remember any of it when the chaos strikes?  It can be frustrating for you, your child, and the person left in charge.