Introducing subscriber freebies!

Introducing Subscriber Freebies

I'm excited to announce I've finally gotten to adding my first little bit of subscribing freebies. There will be more to come in the next month or so; check back here or keep your eyes peeled for the newsletter.

I created an editable meal calendar with Pinterest links to some of the recipes.  This should same you time wondering what to make, extra trips to the grocery store, and may help you to try new things!

I've seen pre-filled calendars before, but didn't like that I couldn't easily change the dinners that didn't suit us.  For example we have "Pizza night" every friday.  Sometimes it's frozen, sometimes from scratch, and it's usually our date night.  Having our theme night gives my kids something to look forward to and makes dinner easy with a babysitter.  I know, though, that isn't going to be ideal for most of you, or you may have traditions of your own.

Depending on the feedback I hear, I will try my best to prepare a calendar for each month! 😁

For convenience, I've also added my TPT freebies and a set of memory verse cards.  I will plan to add more behavior related printables here down the road in addition to the meal calendars.  Check your email for the password! You can download the files on the Subscriber Freebies tab.

Thanks for joining me here,

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