Be a Flexible Thinker!

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New resource + Giveaway + Sale!

Hello everyone, I hope you are finding rest and peace this busy time of year. :)  I am a member of a great new support group for special needs moms and wanted to create a holiday giveaway that includes these new friends!  So if you are here to enter that, check the Rafflecopter widget below.  Click my store logo over to the right hand sidebar to check out the resources available to win.

The entire store will be on sale from 12/16-12/19! Shop now to save 20% off everything (including already discounted bundles)!

When you visit the store, click on the "freebie" custom category to access a few free materials!

Be a Flexible Thinker!

As always, new resources are 50% off for the first two days.  That means, you can snag Be a Flexible Thinker! for a crazy low price if you act fast!  

If your child struggles to be flexible in their thinking and reactions, take a look at the newest resource here.  Be a Flexible Thinker! is a downloadable, printable packet, containing 20 pages aimed at helping your kids with practicing:

  • flexible thinking 
  • identifying positive reactions
  • identifying negative reactions
  • creating an action plan for real world struggles

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