Why we decided to homeschool our child with High Functioning Autism

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When your child isn't average...

School might not look very average either.  If you sift through some older posts, you can see the beginning of our journey up through now.  I strongly suspected my son had Autism, but hoped against hope that I was wrong.  We started with feeding speech therapy before moving into Early Intervention with an Occupational therapist.  Our next move brought us from Occupational therapy to Applied Behavioral Analysis. 

Aging out of Early Intervention, at age 3, meant we would need to be included in Public Pre-k, or wait 2 more years (without services) hoping there were no regressions.  Being accepted into special education was a hard fought battle.  When you have a child with High Functioning Autism, they tend to not qualify academically, or even under the autism diagnosis.

Introducing subscriber freebies!

Introducing Subscriber Freebies

I'm excited to announce I've finally gotten to adding my first little bit of subscribing freebies. There will be more to come in the next month or so; check back here or keep your eyes peeled for the newsletter.

I created an editable meal calendar with Pinterest links to some of the recipes.  This should same you time wondering what to make, extra trips to the grocery store, and may help you to try new things!

Be a Flexible Thinker!

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New resource + Giveaway + Sale!

Hello everyone, I hope you are finding rest and peace this busy time of year. :)  I am a member of a great new support group for special needs moms and wanted to create a holiday giveaway that includes these new friends!  So if you are here to enter that, check the Rafflecopter widget below.  Click my store logo over to the right hand sidebar to check out the resources available to win.

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When you visit the store, click on the "freebie" custom category to access a few free materials!

Friday Freebie: Counting Coins Using the Hair Method

Today's Freebie comes from Primary Paradise!

If you are having trouble teaching your kid(s) to count coins, take a look at this free printable.  It uses the hair method, which enables your young counter to simply count by fives. It even has a cute little printable set of posters featuring a song to help solidify the method into memory!

Primary paradise also has a PowerPoint on this same method if you search their store for "Hair Method."

If you have any math counting tips or resources you would like to share, please let us know in the comments below!

Working With Reluctant Writers - week 3

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Fine Motor Skills Problems

My own son has always battled with low muscle tone.  His low muscle tone was first pointed out to us during his initial Early Intervention evaluations.  He began seeing a feeding speech therapist, and that helped us loads.  His fine motor skills, however, have never made as much progress as we would like to see.  Finding work-arounds is important for us when his hands are becoming exhausted, but we still need to get some learning in.  Below are some tips to help you in your homeschool writing journey.

Friday Freebie: Sequencing Activity Cut & Paste Worksheet

How was your Day?

Some of our kids really struggle to retell events in order.  Recall is just a foggy mess!  When my son (who has Autism) first began to speak again, we had to battle both Echolalia and this recall/sequencing problem.  I always thought of myself as a language detective in our early conversations.