Working with Reluctant Writers - Week 1

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Teaching Reluctant/Struggling Writers week 1

I am seeing a lot of concern over writing in special needs homeschool groups lately.  I thought it would be helpful to post here about what we experienced and what has worked for us.  Check back in the coming weeks for more.

My experience as a struggling writer

Both of my kids really struggle with writing.  Organizing their thoughts, brainstorming, the actual motor skills involved are all issues we battle.  Powering through mental fatigue is a biggie.  I had all the same struggles growing up.  I remember crying all the time while doing elementary school homework.

High school English was almost my major downfall.  I literally, barely, made it through.  I'm talking points away from having to retake the English class (every year).  It usually took extra credit assignments from my teachers.  To this day, I'm pretty sure they gave me the extra little shove out the door, as I was probably one of the biggest thorns in their side.

Learning that I had ADHD and what I needed to do differently was life changing.  My last semester of college, I was working part time, had a full time school load, two young kids, and  still finished with a 4.0.  But did I mention two of my classes were literature classes, heavy on the essays?  It can be done- don't give up hope at a young age!  Granted, there was typing involved over handwriting; but the mental fatigue and thought formation stuff was still an issue to overcome.

It's just plain boring

What is fun?  Writing on windows is fun.  Super fun. :] Grab a dark expo and let them have at it!  Below is a video of my youngest sounding out words last year.  He was struggling with reading, so I wanted him to write the sounds (this totally made it click for him, by the way).  He threw a fit politely refused traditional writing, but was very eager to draw on my windows.

When you  are done, don't forget to snap a pic for your records if you are in a state requiring documentation!  We are in  a state that doesn't require it, but I sometimes take pictures of this sort of stuff to add in.  We may end up in a state that wants to see a portfolio...

Here are the links to week 2 and week 3!

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