Working with Reluctant Writers - week 2

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"I don't know what to write!"

One of the things that keeps kids from writing is the fact that they struggle with organizing their thoughts.  Looking back now, at how I wrote papers I am just in utter disbelief.  I want to say that no one ever really taught me how to organize and pre-write... but then again, it could have been that my ADHD brain was checked out.  I honestly have no idea.

Helping your child learn to pre-write is going to make a huge difference.  If you are using a box curriculum, and your child is still struggling, skipping over this skill isn't going to help either of you.  It can be scary to completely pause other things and focus on a weakness.  Without a strong foundation, however, the rest of the cards will collapse anyway. Yikes.

Printable resources to address writing issues

We are currently using:
In the recent past, we have also used (and liked):
We haven't used these resources yet personally (except the Halloween one), but I think they look like a great option to try:
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