Working with Reluctant Writers - week 2

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"I don't know what to write!"

One of the things that keeps kids from writing is the fact that they struggle with organizing their thoughts.  Looking back now, at how I wrote papers I am just in utter disbelief.  I want to say that no one ever really taught me how to organize and pre-write... but then again, it could have been that my ADHD brain was checked out.  I honestly have no idea.

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Leave out the stress and still RSVP "Yes".

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Social gathering with special needs kids 

I suppose the degree to which social events are stressful for your family and children depends on their specific challenges and each event, but I think we are all dealing with it on a weekly if not daily basis.  My general thoughts on having a social life: I get so very darn lonely.  I crave having an adult friend to just shoot the breeze with.  Sigh, but the idea of meeting new people, giving disclaimers about my kids' behaviors, wondering if they are going to have a meltdown.... Just thinking about having to make conversation is beyond exhausting.  I'd rather crawl back in  a cave and get on Social media with other Autism mamas.  The thing is, this seems to be the exact same thing I hear from most of these other special needs moms!

Working with Reluctant Writers - Week 1

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Teaching Reluctant/Struggling Writers week 1

I am seeing a lot of concern over writing in special needs homeschool groups lately.  I thought it would be helpful to post here about what we experienced and what has worked for us.  Check back in the coming weeks for more.

My experience as a struggling writer

Both of my kids really struggle with writing.  Organizing their thoughts, brainstorming, the actual motor skills involved are all issues we battle.  Powering through mental fatigue is a biggie.  I had all the same struggles growing up.  I remember crying all the time while doing elementary school homework.

Special Needs Homeschool on a Small Budget.

Figuring Out What Homeschooling Will Look Like

When I first thought about homeschooling, I wanted a perfect program to walk me through, step by step.  I wanted boxes to check off, and I wanted to know I wasn't missing anything.  I hounded all my homeschooling friends for the details.  What do you use?  Do you like it?  What is your advice.  I was terrified of homeschooling.  The one thing that everyone told me was, "You will want to buy a box set your first year, but do not do it!  You will be wasting a ton of money."  I used Cathy
Duffy's top picks to narrow it down, but the cost was still freaking me out. I wasn't even convinced we would succeed at homeschooling, nor was I certain any of these products would be the right fit.  With Special needs kids, there can be so many different age ranges any one kid can fall into.  Their strengths and weaknesses can be all over the map, so where you go from there?