Freebie Friday: Would You Rather...?

Rachel Lynette, 2016
Happy Friday! You've made it - can you taste the weekend?! The week was long here, so we are ready for a break.

...but first - Friday Freebie!

This one is from Rachel Lynette, and it's called, "Would You Rather?" It's a single page, filled with 20 great questions. 

Use it to:

- get to know your kids better.
- have some great discussions and teaching moments.
- act as a writing prompt! ...Why would you rather? Why not the other?   

Have fun with this Friday Freebie and enjoy the weekend!

Don't forget*** Although you will need to have a TPT account to download the Friday Freebie, it is completely free to you and you will find many other great freebies! 

Shared with permission by Rachel Lynette. 

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