Friday Freebie: Editable Labels

Today's Friday Freebie is a cute and colorful set of free labels from the Reading With Miss B TPT store.  They are a fully editable PDF that come in two sizes- the same sizes as the clear adhesive pouches Target had at their dollar spot during BTS season! YAY! She has 17 other great freebies in her store, so make sure to poke around a bit!

Tip Tuesday: Motivating Your Kid To Complete Work Part 4

Welcome back to part 4 of this Motivation Series.  In case you missed the previous posts, you can find them here:   Part 1    Part 2    Part 3

So let's say your kid(s) hate any one particular subject...what then?  Did you have a block schedule during your own public high school days?  There's no reason that can't work at home for little ones as well!  Let me refresh your memory: The subjects are taught every other day for twice the original amount of work.

For some kids, the number of subjects to complete may be more overwhelming than the actual amount of work. Look at these two sets of to do lists, to see what I mean:

Friday Freebie: Fall Yes/No Questions

Today's Friday Freebie is from the TPT store of Angie S. This freebie has 9 questions to practice discernment, excellent for some individuals with autism or other special needs, but also for any young child.

Be sure to visit her store for more great Autism resources!

Happy Friday!

Tip Tuesday:Motivating Your Kid to Complete Work Part 3

 In case you missed the other weeks in this series:  Here are Part 1Part 2, Part 4
Photo Credit: FreeRangeStock
Every kid loves a treasure chest... and every kid could use extra low stakes practice with handling and saving "money."  One of the boys' favorite motivators is our treasure chest and Space Bucks.  

Freebie Friday: I Can Be a Superhero!

Today's Friday Freebie is the sampler of  I Can Be a Superhero!

These task cards were created to bring about some great thought provoking discussions for you and your child/student who needs extra practice in social skills and situations! Written on the cards are various situational examples kids may come across and currently handle with difficulty.

This sampler version includes 8 task cards and 3 corresponding answer sheets.

The task cards are sized to fit a 3"x 5" card for durability if you plan to reuse them frequently and do not have lamination available to you!

Tip Tuesday: Motivating Your Kid to Complete Work Part 2

In case you missed it, here is Last week's "Motivating Your Kid to Complete Work" Part 1, Part 3, Part 4

If you are reading this, there is a good chance that your sweet angel is driving you nuts with tears and/or shouting about finishing school work.  Don't give up on your homeschooling efforts yet!  If you are anything like I was... I needed it to work for my son's sake and was at my wit's end some days.

Tip #2:

Freebie Friday: Would You Rather...?

Rachel Lynette, 2016
Happy Friday! You've made it - can you taste the weekend?! The week was long here, so we are ready for a break.

...but first - Friday Freebie!

This one is from Rachel Lynette, and it's called, "Would You Rather?" It's a single page, filled with 20 great questions. 

Use it to:

Tip Tuesday: Motivating Your Kid to Complete Work Part 1

So now you are homeschooling, but your kid is having a rough time sitting and focusing on his work.  Enter the tears, pleading, and fits.  Last year we faced this big time...  For a child with ADHD or Autism, mental fatigue is very very real.  Even just seeing the amount of work to be done is overwhelming and can start the trip to mental fatigue-ville immediately!    

I think every one, or most ASD parents anyway, have seen PECs style calendars.  Those can be a help for some kids, but others need more.  Maybe it even just depends on the day.  I decided I didn't want to motivate my son to complete work with food, money, or long bouts of electronics (5 mins can turn into major fits when it's back to work).  

So here is tip #1: