Teachers Pay Teachers Gift Card Giveaway

Hello everybody!

I'm hoping you had a great summer and are as excited as I am for Fall!  I can't wait for pumpkin everything and adorable costumes.

But first!  Back to school time!  We started homeschooling last year, which is why I was largely absent.  It took a handful of months to find our groove and what works.  I think we have finally gotten there because I have been able to carve out enough time to make some curriculum of our own!

Danny is a reluctant writer, so we are working on ways to write that don't seem like "work," but he still needed some sight word sheets that were not frustrating for him.  I'm happy to say that last night I finished the First grade set of Fry's words and posted the bundle.  For the first two days in the store, you can get the entire bundle for just $4.50!

Kekito is working primarily on social skills and impulse control. I created task cards for us to work though and talk through that can help him remember some alternative ways of handling difficult situations: "I Can Be a Superhero..."

We've decided to school year round, so we are well into our school year and having a great time so far with the flexibility of homeschool.  If you homeschool, I'd love to hear in the comments whether you do year round too!

So to the awesome, fun part!  I am giving away: a $20 Teachers Pay teachers gift card (Trust me, you will want this one!:)), MY sight word bundle, each sight word pack individually, and the I Can Be a Superhero pack!  Just click on the rafflecopter link below to see how!

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