I see a trend: I start, I stop... again and again.

I accept that this is part of my ADD mindset, but I'm also realizing now that it has a lot to do with seasons in life as well.  For a while I felt I had nothing to write about, sometimes too personal to yet share, and most often no time to be found.  I hope this is a new season for my blogging, as it is for my personal life.

A little more than a year and a half ago, I moved back to Hawaii.  Things have been working out well for our family, and the four of us are now making a PCS move to Las Vegas.

I had finished about half of my degree back in California, and it was on hold for residency issues in Hawaii.  Once more on hold when the move to Nevada came into play.  Currently, my plan has shifted to finishing my degree online while I figure out our first year of homeschooling.  This means my career plan has changed as well; I am going to finish a B.S. in Health and Sports Science and work in Physical Therapy.  Prayers welcome and requested. *^_^*

I am hoping to do a lot more living these next few years and hope to lay it out here for the record.  In the meantime, I will miss you Hawaii, and especially all of my Ohana here.

Sending love to you always,

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