MIA for too long...

So I've been out of writing for a while, time to get back into the grind!

I figure I will just share a quick update and a few photos.

Work is going well- its a job I enjoy clocking in at everyday, but financially, I am doing the hurry up and wait thing on whether I can start school with the GI bill this summer semester. It's a great job for a single mom going to college, but not so helpful to a single mom raising two kids. So I guess I'll keep waiting with daily prayers sent up! :)

The customers are so wonderful, and I've noticed two things: 1) Its great social training and 2) The mental workout of my memory may be what single handedly staves off Alzheimer's. ;)

Kekito is blossoming as much as ever, the move was pretty smooth for him to my delight. He is getting to be a conversational pro!

Danny is babbling like a rushing river! He is talking in sentences and pretty dang good at getting his (superior;)) opinion across.

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