4 Years Have Come and Gone

Happy Birthday to my Kekito.  Today he is four years old.  That blows my mind.  The seasoned parents tell me that the next 10, and even 20 years will go even faster- I don't even want to think of that.

I've seen many kids grow up, but something about seeing your own child grow is like magic.  Looking through the baby photos recently makes me laugh at how much he still looks the same, yet he is more than half my size!

He has reached a ton of firsts this year, and I can't imagine what may come in the fourth.  He has become toilet trained both day and night (that night time part was a HUGE, welcome, shock).  He has learned to answer questions.  He has developed ridiculous negotiating skills.  And he has become such (over all) a sweet and caring big brother.

I am so proud of every bit of him.  I wish I had all the patience he deserves. He is a Miracle in my life.


When Everyone Is Wrong AND Right...

...At the SAME time.  Where do you go next?

I wonder why it is with some people how it is possible to somehow wholeheartedly affirm opposite  subjective positions on the same occurrence.
It makes me wonder if I am really that crazy?...  But it only happens consistently with some people.

I understand that how people feel affects how they perceive events.  But how do you solve this? Or is it something you just deal with? Please sound off in the comments with any advice!

A funny clip from the show "Up All Night" that is a good example, and probably all too easy to relate to for most parents: