Please Don't Turn The Page!

Grover isn't just our pick of the week!

Starbucks now offers apps as "Picks of the week" as well as songs on iTunes.  I'm not sure how much longer these cards will last, so run to a Starbuck's for your code and some coffee!

This was one of my family's favorites, growing up, and being the classics that it is, I am guessing the same for most of you out there!  My mom bought each of my siblings and I copies of it when we started having our own kids; and it has been a squeal inducing delight ever since for both of the boys!

I have to say, it looks as though this app version is no different!  If anything it may be that much more magical!  Not only is is a book that they've always adored, but it now is interacting with them, and they get to hear the real Grover's voice.  Not mom's cheap Grover imitation: it's a bit of relief for me as well in that way!  My voice gets so hoarse from "doing the Grover", that I often have to hide that one particular book for a bit of recovery time.

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