Is that REALLY real? Part 2

A reoccurring dream I had last night about past events reminded me of two other really great examples of ADHD.

In high school I used to forget my P.E. locker combo all the time. Once I had even used the combo to dress out, but an hour later for the life of me could not remember the combo to get back into regular clothes. I ended up having to have the teacher use bolt cutters to cut the lock. I had tried every combo I could think of until I was going to be missing my next class...

Along those same lines of school stuff: I signed up for an online class once upon a time before I was put on academic probation (and subsequently failed out of junior college), and I forgot that I ever even signed up for the class until the semester was already half over. Obviously had I remembered I'd have withdrawn before the deadline (or even logged on and attempted to do the course work!)... But by that point it was too late.

After dropping out of school was when my therapist diagnosed me with ADD. We worked on behavioral therapy for over a year together. With that experience, I was able to be successful in the military, earn an associate's degree, and finish 6 online classes with an A- average (even while parenting a toddler with Autism).

So again, ADD (or whatever it really is) DOES exist, you really can forget the unforgettable beyond belief even when you try your hardest. And behavioral therapy can work WONDERS!

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