Halloween: Costume Edition!

Happy Halloween!   I hope everyone had a fun night!  I hope the kids have lots of candy, and I wish you the will power to stay out of it! lol I know I have zero.  So luckily I made sure to pass all of ours out and the kids only brought home a few pieces!  I will be sad tomorrow, but happy in a couple weeks about that!  As promised in the Halloween Creations post, here is my follow up with pictures of my cuties in costume!
Nothing like a little brotherly love and goofing around!

A hay ride in a Uhaul around the church parking lot!
Kekito the puppy
My little puppy, Kekito
I want a ballon!!!
Danny in his Elmo costume
Danny livin' la vida Elmo

And a couple of my other favorite photos from the night:
Harvest festival
This cute little bumble bee chased after Danny all night singing "La-la-la-la!".  So her poor Tutu ended up having to chase her!
Rapunzel lost her hair there for a second!  Priceless expression.
BEST Halloween costume there: "Pair'o'dice" living in Paradise!

Hope you all had a ton of fun on Halloween!  I love to hear about it!  Leave me a comment, a link to check out, or make sure to fill out your website on ComLuv if that's your most recent post!


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