Halloween: Costume Edition!

Happy Halloween!   I hope everyone had a fun night!  I hope the kids have lots of candy, and I wish you the will power to stay out of it! lol I know I have zero.  So luckily I made sure to pass all of ours out and the kids only brought home a few pieces!  I will be sad tomorrow, but happy in a couple weeks about that!  As promised in the Halloween Creations post, here is my follow up with pictures of my cuties in costume!
Nothing like a little brotherly love and goofing around!

The Halloween Creations

We had a busy last few days making treats for Halloween; some cute and some tasty!  Kekito even drew his very own Jack-O-Lantern "face" for the first time!

We glued up some awesome garden decorations for Kekito's teachers and our own yard.

Funny Things That Freak Kids Out

Seeing Danny flip out at the t.v. today made me remember when Kekito was a little guy.  The count from Sesame Street is what really wigged him out.  But that was pretty understandable to me.

To see a clip of the hilarious Amy Sedaris as the Tooth Fairy click the link!

However, it cracked me up to see that the very first thing to ever freak out Danny to the core was this Tooth Fairy episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!  You would think those "Jerri Blank" faces of Amy's could only freakout a hormonal teenage boy!

What funny freak-out moments do you treasure? :)

Wordless Wednesday

Sigh... LOVE.... ;)

Could It Be Fibromyalgia?

For years now I have had various "health anomalies" I guess you could say? But the biggest issue by far was my extreme fatigue and constant body aches. It grew worse and worse over time; I chalked it up to being a tired mom. But it got to the point of being just unreal. Add to that all the "little things" that just seemed "off" made me convinced it had to be more. It had to be more because it all started before I became a mom. Years before.

I went to the Dr. over and over. I am certain they thought I was crazy. I knew I wasn't a hypochondriac: I wasn't certain I had every new thing that halfway fit the symptoms! I was certain they couldn't be because they didn't fit them all. I was certain, however, that something was wrong. People told me, "Welcome to getting old!" My immediate thought following was always, I'm only 25 (that's when it started getting drastic)! If it keeps getting worse, I honestly don't know how 50 year-olds are even alive and walking!

A large snail we found on one of our walks.

Wordless Wednesday

Is that REALLY real? Part 2

A reoccurring dream I had last night about past events reminded me of two other really great examples of ADHD.

In high school I used to forget my P.E. locker combo all the time. Once I had even used the combo to dress out, but an hour later for the life of me could not remember the combo to get back into regular clothes. I ended up having to have the teacher use bolt cutters to cut the lock. I had tried every combo I could think of until I was going to be missing my next class...

Along those same lines of school stuff: I signed up for an online class once upon a time before I was put on academic probation (and subsequently failed out of junior college), and I forgot that I ever even signed up for the class until the semester was already half over. Obviously had I remembered I'd have withdrawn before the deadline (or even logged on and attempted to do the course work!)... But by that point it was too late.

After dropping out of school was when my therapist diagnosed me with ADD. We worked on behavioral therapy for over a year together. With that experience, I was able to be successful in the military, earn an associate's degree, and finish 6 online classes with an A- average (even while parenting a toddler with Autism).

So again, ADD (or whatever it really is) DOES exist, you really can forget the unforgettable beyond belief even when you try your hardest. And behavioral therapy can work WONDERS!

Until I am back to a regular computer, here is the long link to the original post: http://www.sublimedream.com/2011/10/is-that-really-real.html

Trying Something New

This is my first real go at publishing a post on my iPhone using Google's new Blogger app. There are DEFINITELY some issues for them to work out. I did my part already and gave some feedback...

I'll keep this test post simple: I won't get into a review of the flaws of this first version of the app, but test the feature I've most looked forward to.

... Uploading a photo via mobile phone! Sergio goes on business this week and needs his computer for school. This makes me remember I need to urgently fix MY computer! Anyone know if the geek squad can replace keyboard keys while they are at it?!

Please Don't Turn The Page!

Grover isn't just our pick of the week!

Starbucks now offers apps as "Picks of the week" as well as songs on iTunes.  I'm not sure how much longer these cards will last, so run to a Starbuck's for your code and some coffee!

This was one of my family's favorites, growing up, and being the classics that it is, I am guessing the same for most of you out there!  My mom bought each of my siblings and I copies of it when we started having our own kids; and it has been a squeal inducing delight ever since for both of the boys!

I have to say, it looks as though this app version is no different!  If anything it may be that much more magical!  Not only is is a book that they've always adored, but it now is interacting with them, and they get to hear the real Grover's voice.  Not mom's cheap Grover imitation: it's a bit of relief for me as well in that way!  My voice gets so hoarse from "doing the Grover", that I often have to hide that one particular book for a bit of recovery time.

"Is That REALLY Real?"

I am often hearing the question, "Is that really real?", when I explain that I have ADD. This kind of drives me a little bit crazy. Yes, it is really real. Yes, it may be over (or mis-) diagnosed. No, I don't think it is fully understood at all.

This sign is about the jist of how my brain feels around other people.
I questioned the validity of it myself upon being diagnosed. I voraciously began to read everything I could get my hands on. With every new page turned, I felt like I was reading my own unauthorized auto biography.

Coconut Pancakes

Coconut pancakes
I made these Coconut pancakes for my family last week, and they flew off the counter!  I have made several variations on this, but this most recent version has been the favorite so far!  Living on the island, I've been a little bit more aware of adding "tropical flares" to my food.  Sergio is happy, because he is a big coconut lover!