"Yummy Pasta Salad"

Yes, that's really  the name; and yes it does live up to the hype!

This is a really interesting pasta salad that my friend Casey introduced me to.  I've never had one like it before.  It is on the sweet side which is new to me; but oh so tasty! It is the perfect pasta for a hot summer BBQ or picnic!

Main ingredients:
2 c grapes cut into halves
2 c torn spinach
1 bag "Wacky Mac" noodles 
1 c diced cucumber

1/2 c olive oil
1/2 c sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp minced onion
1 tbsp lemon juice

Make dressing first, mix well, and set aside.
Make the salad, then toss with the dressing and chill well.

(Extra tasty on the second day!  Great news if you are looking for something good to make ahead!)

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