The Things Kids Say... ASD style

So then.  The title says it all.  If you are like me, mom to a child with Autism, you wonder sometimes about the things coming out of their mouths.  I am so so so grateful there is anything coming out of his mouth.  Before Early Intervention, Kekito was 20 months old and could say, "Ball, Blue, Ma, & No", all only very recent acquisitions at the time.  EI seemed to have unlocked his brain, because within 2 months, words started pouring out.

This one took a while to figure out.

Then the Echolalia showed up.  Our new communication battle was with that.  Now we are making big progress on that front (YAY!). The rhythm of our conversations though is interesting.  It is not always a regular give and take back and forth easy to follow dialogue.  Everyday I ask what he did at school (his teacher writes in a journal each day so I know), and what he ate for lunch.  It gives him a chance to learn to answer me and start a conversation.  He has gotten great at it.  Often though, it is like an intriguing puzzle to figure out what he is saying meaning by what he is saying.  
Turns out he wanted to be Eagle of the month...
For example, I knew he had P.E. the other day and played Duck, Duck, Goose.  It was a fairly easy one to guess, but as an example, here was our exchange for the day:

Me: What did you do at school today?
Kekito: We had P.D. with Mr. Mastumatsumoto! (Pretty close on the name!)
Me: Really? What did you do? (Teacher wrote they practiced jumping on one foot & two feet)
Kekito: We jumped like a snake.
Me: Oh... ok.  Did you play any games?
Kekito: (thinking hard about how to say it) ....we played.... Danny is a duck, Mommy is a duck, Kekito is a GOOSE!!!!!!
Me: Oh, Duck, Duck, Goose?
Kekito: (BIG grin) ...YEAH!!!!!!
Sometimes I am shocked...

...And proud of what comes out of his mouth.

But sometimes the things he says here worry me about how he will say them at school.  Although I assume his teachers chalk a lot of it up to his Autism and age, I worry about him telling them things like, "Baby Danny sleeps in a Cage!" (a.k.a. "a crib") 
So have any good stories to share?!  I 'd love to hear the things you've got going on at home! ;) I know that all little kids "say the darnedest things" (and with ASD it just goes on?), so give me a good chuckle!  I'd love it!

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