Bellows AFB beach cabins (part II)

Adventure, I tell you!  Or, depending on how you look at it, sheer terror and sleep deprivation.  I see a little of both in it.
Did you know that Hawaii is home to amazingly awful centipedes?  It's true!  There is a price to pay to live in paradise.  I had thought when we first moved here, the price to pay was super super (super) high cost of living.  Turns out it also factors in a ton of bugs and other creatures that are nasty or annoying.  The centipede is the only one that actually scares me.  I know what you are thinking.  She has got to be exaggerating for dramatic effect.  So I dare you... Click here to see what these monsters look like.

Yeah.... monsters.

So night adventure number two started out with Danny waking up crying (mostly because he was sad about being in a new place).  I was able to settle him back to sleep on a bed with me, but there was no way he was willing to go back to his port-a-crib.  Maybe an hour later, Kekito woke up screaming.  "I need a band-aid!  Ooowww!  I need a band-aid!" Off I ran to lay with him.  He always says he needs a band-aid for his hands and feet when they go numb while he is asleep; so I asked him if that was what was wrong.  "Yes", he answered with a long sad little whine.  Every so often he kept shifting his weight and crying that he needed a band-aid.  Finally I started worrying about what may be wrong.  Nature called, so I asked Kekito to wait just a minute, and I would be right back.  I was worried about centipedes by that point, so I decided to flip the bathroom light switch just in case.  I am not sure if I am glad I did or not.  But there it was.  A long centipede right (enter PARALYZING FEAR) there about 4 inches from my feet.  Obviously I flipped the heck out and ran out to get Kekito and bring him into the light.  I had been sure this must have been the reason for his waking with a scream. 

Thank you God.  My heart began to beat again, although still slightly broken for Kekito's overall luck.  No centipede bite.  But he did have a twisted ankle/swollen foot; from beach frolicking I'm guessing.  Kekito demanded to sleep in Mommy and Daddy's bed, so I of course caved.  And then I remembered, laying there trying to sleep, that Danny was alone on the bed in the other room.  Crap...

Okay, so I forgot to mention that the first night, I had been trying to get Danny to go back to sleep and he fell on to the tile floor from the bed.  Granted, he was screwing around when I had told him not to.  I had even been holding onto him.  I had to spend the next couple hours flashing lights in his pupils and watching the dilation. 

This made me paranoid.  Having problems with obsessive compulsive thoughts, I kept seeing Danny falling and cracking his head in my mind.  And luckily for me, I started Prozac a month ago and have gotten a little bit more control over stopping the thoughts.  I kept re-assuring myself that he had the wall on one side, and the port-a-crib on the other. Yes Jill, Danny will be fine

Oh but wait.... What if he leans funny against the crack and suffocates from positional asphyxiation?  Yes, this exact thought in these exact words actually occurred in my train of thought; I know it seems overboard.  This also played out over and over in my mind as I lay in the dark.  No, no, no, stop this, he will be fineOh my gosh was that a centipede on my foot?! (jerk foot) Oh no... the sheet just brushed me.  Oh God it's on my neck! (Slap neck) Wait... nope, just my hair being blown around by the fan. Hours of this.  Long hours.

 I knew I was just being paranoid about Danny, so I didn't want to risk waking everyone back up, but I desperately wanted to check on him.  I knew too, that if on that one in a million chance that something horrific happened, I'd never forgive myself either.  So I started very slowly trying to get up from bed to sneak out with out waking Kekito.  I literally moved a few inches and froze for 3 minutes repeatedly until I was almost out free and clear.  Then Sergio woke up and asked, "Where are you going?"  Dang it.  Kekito was up that moment too then wondering the same.  "Nowhere now..."  So then, there I laid all night awake worrying about Danny being bitten by the centipede.  I knew he had his nightlight on, I knew I blocked the bottom of his door, and we had a video monitor looking over him.... but still all night, especially anytime I started to fall asleep, One of my worries for Danny replayed in my head. 

At 3 am I just laid there wishing I could just "wake up" for the day.  And at 5 am I decided, that was it.  I couldn't lay there worrying about Danny anymore.  So Kekito and I got out of bed to check on him. Then we sat and watched Rio while we waited for everyone to wake up. 

Whew... what a night.  Kekito couldn't walk well the rest of the day.  We were all so exhausted.  The funny thing is (and I think it speaks volumes), that despite it all, we can't wait to go back.  It was just that amazing.

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