Bellows AFB beach cabins (part I)

One word: Breath-taking.  Is that technically one word?  Oh screw it...  Breath-taking, beautiful, amazing, awesome, wonderful, peaceful, adventure-filled.  So many words once you really sit and reflect.

We went to stay for two days at a beach cabin and, as I posted on Facebook that same day we arrived, "I think we found Heaven".

I had to make a little joke about that thought the next day... while the environment was serene and awe-inspiring, we had a rough and tumble adventure.  Absolutely memory building and bonding as a family though. I told Sergio that God must have decided to remind me that I was wrong- we weren't anywhere near the beauty of Heaven!
The first night was rough due to the fact that Kekito was on the tail end of a stomach bug, and I am forgetful when things don't follow routine.  Long story shorter: we moved bath time to just after beach time; which was too far before bed time for a diaper.  See where we are headed?  Yeah... that's right, I put Kekito to bed with out a diaper while he was having diarrhea struggles.  Mommy of the year award... Sorry if that's too much for you- if it is, stop reading.  Now. You can just look at the photos!

We had slept for maybe an hour before we woke up to screaming from the other room. I jumped up panicked to find that Kekito had locked him self in the other room and there was a FOUL odor creeping straight through the door. His screaming continued, Danny's screaming began, and I continued to fight my urge to scream. After trying everything I could find to get the door open, I was for once grateful not to have a mailbox anywhere near my house.   It was the mailbox key which finally opened the lock.
There it was. The horror. Sigh... if I were him, I'd have screamed bloody murder too! Poor boy was covered in diarrhea. It was all over his feet, the floor, his bed & back, and even his hair. What a horrible way to wake up. Especially when you are groggy and disoriented in the middle of the night. Yes, I think his reaction was absolutely justified.
When I realized what I had done, I couldn't stop apologizing for the whole next hour. The next morning we were zonked, but it didn't take much to rally when we heard the waves calling our names. Hopefully you will find the photos pretty enough to distract you from the rest!

I'll cover the second night of events in a second post to follow!

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debi9kids said...

Oh wow! The place looks simply stunning.
The poopy mess...ACK! Poor boy!

ps Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment on my guest post on Scary Mommy :)