Coming up for air again.

I've had my head burried in the sand for a bit there.... Typical for an ADDer not wanting to deal with emotional and overwhelming frustrations

I let myself get wound up and spun out with self imposed pressures, as well as the very real
pressures of day to day life. I guess I've had some time to sit back and reflect on what's going on in life, where I am headed, deal with silly personal dramas. Now I am thinking I am finally ready to pull my head out my.... Um, sandbox.

I am thinking maybe I can't consistently stick to anything for longer than 6 months, or else I will break the cycle of the only thing I have ever managed to do consistently.


Humanmama said...

Hey! I think (coming from a fellow ADHDer--probably--) that maybe that's the reason I like being a mom. It's usually pretty conducive to ADHD, as in, the kids like sponteneity and things you just come up with out of your butt. But we're beginning school (real school,kindergarten, but still...) and now I'm getting nervous... :)

Chris P-M said...

I totally get what you mean! I am constantly chasing rabbits in different directions (and then obsessing about them when I lose track of what I started, or thought I should start!) I think school starting is helping to pull my head out of the sand.