My personal ADD/Autism update...

I questioned in November how much ADD is related to Autism.  I have looked all over and had not really found any credible, informative answers.

Recently I began seeing a new psychologist to get my ADD diagnosis into my medical records.  When I described all my little quirks, he replied, "What you just described sounds a lot like Autism.  You don't have Autism, but you mentioned your son does.  The thing is, there is a genetic loader for Autism.  Nearly all kids with Autism have ADD.  So much so, that it is just assumed that it is part of the diagnosis."

Holy cow!  That cracked me up that it's been on my mind so much, and then he busts that out.  I must have seemed a little crazy, laughing and looking all lit up; but I told him I had been wondering if maybe ADD was in fact at the highest functioning end of ASD.

I explained how I felt that to a small degree I could understand some of the madness that swirls around in K's poor little body at times.  ADD symptoms often leave me at the end of my rope it feels like.  I can't imagine how much worse it is for K.  I am glad though, that it can help me keep perspective sometimes in the midst of a melt down.

My therapist smiled at me and said, "ADD and Autism have so many common traits, and they are so likely to occur either together, or within families.  They are very much related, and sort of intertwined.  You're right that you probably have a good idea of what goes on in your son's mind".

So anyway, I just wanted to post that tidbit, for those of you who read the last post.


@jencull (jen) said...

I only read that post of yours the other day so it is great to get an update :) Interesting, and I am tending to agree with your Dr.

I have major sensory issues, as doe my three children. My son with autism also has SPD so to a degree I can understand how the sensory stuff affects him and his siblings as I have the same issues. In fact, until my son was diagnosed with autism I had never heard of SPD and I had just assumed everyone had the same difficulties with sounds, touch etc. That feels a bit stupid of me now!


Sublime Dream said...

Jen- I always say, "you don't know what you don't know, until you know it!" I was the same as you- I didn't know until I read my 3rd book on ADD less than 2 years ago about ADD's sensory issues. I always had them too, but thought that it was normal for everyone! =)

Chris P-M said...

The link totally makes sense! It is always good to hear a professional prove your hunch though, doesn't it?!

Ashley said...

I'm so glad to read the update! This is so interesting. I'm gonna be sure to tell my husband who's trying to get his ADD on record. He's going back to school and finding it much more difficult than the first go 'round (graduated 9 years ago). Thanks for letting us know! It will definitely be something to mention to the doc.

Michelle Saunderson said...

Interesting. I have sensory issues, but no ADD or Autism.