It's not exactly what I had imagined

Well, it's been an insanely long time since I've written.  To be precise, not since Kekito's first day of preschool.

I had built up these images in my head about our first day.  Sigh.....  It was idyllic- IN MY HEAD, but NOT when it came down to making it a reality.  Oh holy moly!

I had hoped to snap a sweet memory of him and his backpack
bouncing off to school (this is the one we got instead).

We had practiced walking to school every day for two weeks.  We had practiced wearing his super awesome new "Cars" backpack.  We. Were. READY.  But apparently, not so much! lol  The morning was crazy hysterics; starting from our first step out of the door.

He got a lot better about walking to school, but followed that up, shortly after, with a cold.  Ugh.  Then the best Mom in the world came to visit as well.  So crazy busy, with no chances to write, only time to live.

This week came with all new challenges trying to potty train and explain to him why Grammy was no longer hanging out with us all day! 

This last Friday though, I finally had it- my idyllic preschool day!  He was over the loss of Grammy to California; we figured out that he didn't want to potty unless he washed his hands before as well as after; and we learned that we needed to walk/run/skip/hop/jump/snake/creep/march to school. ;)

So next week, let's hope I can get back to my bloggy love- writing and reading!!!!!!!!! Missed ya'll! ;)

My personal ADD/Autism update...

I questioned in November how much ADD is related to Autism.  I have looked all over and had not really found any credible, informative answers.

Recently I began seeing a new psychologist to get my ADD diagnosis into my medical records.  When I described all my little quirks, he replied, "What you just described sounds a lot like Autism.  You don't have Autism, but you mentioned your son does.  The thing is, there is a genetic loader for Autism.  Nearly all kids with Autism have ADD.  So much so, that it is just assumed that it is part of the diagnosis."

Holy cow!  That cracked me up that it's been on my mind so much, and then he busts that out.  I must have seemed a little crazy, laughing and looking all lit up; but I told him I had been wondering if maybe ADD was in fact at the highest functioning end of ASD.

I explained how I felt that to a small degree I could understand some of the madness that swirls around in K's poor little body at times.  ADD symptoms often leave me at the end of my rope it feels like.  I can't imagine how much worse it is for K.  I am glad though, that it can help me keep perspective sometimes in the midst of a melt down.

My therapist smiled at me and said, "ADD and Autism have so many common traits, and they are so likely to occur either together, or within families.  They are very much related, and sort of intertwined.  You're right that you probably have a good idea of what goes on in your son's mind".

So anyway, I just wanted to post that tidbit, for those of you who read the last post.

Kekito's Birthday Photos!

We had a blast at Kekito's 3rd birthday party!  Sadly, Kekito woke in the middle of the night with croup cough.... but on the bright side, he was healthy for his party!  I can't believe how big he is getting!  Tomorrow is his first day of preschool!  I'll make sure to post a picture of his walk to school soon. =)

K's birthday cake

Singing made him slightly anxious...

But enduring The Birthday Song was worth it for cake!

We even had a pinata!  I'm so jealous!