4 Years Have Come and Gone

Happy Birthday to my Kekito.  Today he is four years old.  That blows my mind.  The seasoned parents tell me that the next 10, and even 20 years will go even faster- I don't even want to think of that.

I've seen many kids grow up, but something about seeing your own child grow is like magic.  Looking through the baby photos recently makes me laugh at how much he still looks the same, yet he is more than half my size!

He has reached a ton of firsts this year, and I can't imagine what may come in the fourth.  He has become toilet trained both day and night (that night time part was a HUGE, welcome, shock).  He has learned to answer questions.  He has developed ridiculous negotiating skills.  And he has become such (over all) a sweet and caring big brother.

I am so proud of every bit of him.  I wish I had all the patience he deserves. He is a Miracle in my life.


When Everyone Is Wrong AND Right...

...At the SAME time.  Where do you go next?

I wonder why it is with some people how it is possible to somehow wholeheartedly affirm opposite  subjective positions on the same occurrence.
It makes me wonder if I am really that crazy?...  But it only happens consistently with some people.

I understand that how people feel affects how they perceive events.  But how do you solve this? Or is it something you just deal with? Please sound off in the comments with any advice!

A funny clip from the show "Up All Night" that is a good example, and probably all too easy to relate to for most parents:


Wordless Wednesday: Ladybug Encounter

Kekito got to see and hold a Ladybug for the first time yesterday!

Our pet Ladybug for the afternoon. 

Ignorance is Bliss?

I've wondered lately about the phrase, "Ignorance is Bliss". I think there may be a lot of truth to it.

Before I found out I had ADD, I thought everyone felt exactly the same as I did. The only problem (for me) was that I relentlessly wondered why I was the only one that didn't thrive in school despite being "smart", or why I had such a hard time making friends and relating to my peers. I never realized why things I did made the whole class laugh at me until years after each event. That has been a life long pattern. I still have a huge fear of public speaking because of it.

How were so many people able to get degrees? I couldn't even manage to stay off academic probation at the community college I attended. Finding out that I was neurologically different was wonderful... or at least it was at first. It was shocking to "interview" everyone I knew and realize that very few of them felt the same way as I did. I had never even noticed. Once my eyes were opened, I started paying more attention via "people watching". I knew then why people "lovingly" gave me pet names like, "Nerd". No, seriously, people that loved me. ;) I was like seemingly "average" yet incredibly nerdy?

Makes much more sense now, the friendships from teenage years: I was in my own head most of the time.

A Lighter Moment

Wordless Wednesday

 I hope this makes you smile as much as it made me smile!

He's a Wanderer...

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Kekito was a clear wanderer shortly after he began toddling.

Wandering is one of the big problems parents of little kids face, but even more so specifically when their child has Autism.  It is one of the issues with Autism that has immediate, possibly dire, consequences.  And it can happen in a flash.  I've been noticing it a lot more in the news lately, as well as even seeing friends and bloggers sharing their own worst moments of fear.

I've known since Kekito was a mere 15 months old that he was absolutely a wanderer.  I had already noticed the way he checked out of my atmosphere and moved into his own as he wandered off to investigate whatever it was that caught his attention.  At that point I thought it had to do more with his age, and that all toddlers must be like that.  Then as I read "Emotional Life of the Toddler", (Alicia F. Lieberman, Ph.D.) to find some insight on how to "deal" with our "difficult temperament" toddler, a study she wrote about peaked my interest.

"Autistic Brains Have Abnormal Number of Brain Cells, Study Finds"

This week I came across a study about the number of neurons in an Autistic brain via Robert, a journalist with Asperger's. It was very intriguing and made a lot of sense, but also left me with a few of questions to mull over.

The study consisted of observing 13 brains donated to science of males ages 2-16 (A colossal thank you to their parents for aiding important research, you have my utmost gratitude and sincere condolences). Of the 13 brains studied, 7 had Autism and 6 did not.

What they found was that the brains with Autism had 67% more neurons in the Prefrontal Cortex.  The Prefrontal Cortex is a region associated with social, emotional, and communication processing; all of these are well known difficulties for a person with Autism.

Halloween: Costume Edition!

Happy Halloween!   I hope everyone had a fun night!  I hope the kids have lots of candy, and I wish you the will power to stay out of it! lol I know I have zero.  So luckily I made sure to pass all of ours out and the kids only brought home a few pieces!  I will be sad tomorrow, but happy in a couple weeks about that!  As promised in the Halloween Creations post, here is my follow up with pictures of my cuties in costume!
Nothing like a little brotherly love and goofing around!

The Halloween Creations

We had a busy last few days making treats for Halloween; some cute and some tasty!  Kekito even drew his very own Jack-O-Lantern "face" for the first time!

We glued up some awesome garden decorations for Kekito's teachers and our own yard.

Funny Things That Freak Kids Out

Seeing Danny flip out at the t.v. today made me remember when Kekito was a little guy.  The count from Sesame Street is what really wigged him out.  But that was pretty understandable to me.

To see a clip of the hilarious Amy Sedaris as the Tooth Fairy click the link!

However, it cracked me up to see that the very first thing to ever freak out Danny to the core was this Tooth Fairy episode of Yo Gabba Gabba!  You would think those "Jerri Blank" faces of Amy's could only freakout a hormonal teenage boy!

What funny freak-out moments do you treasure? :)

Wordless Wednesday

Sigh... LOVE.... ;)

Could It Be Fibromyalgia?

For years now I have had various "health anomalies" I guess you could say? But the biggest issue by far was my extreme fatigue and constant body aches. It grew worse and worse over time; I chalked it up to being a tired mom. But it got to the point of being just unreal. Add to that all the "little things" that just seemed "off" made me convinced it had to be more. It had to be more because it all started before I became a mom. Years before.

I went to the Dr. over and over. I am certain they thought I was crazy. I knew I wasn't a hypochondriac: I wasn't certain I had every new thing that halfway fit the symptoms! I was certain they couldn't be because they didn't fit them all. I was certain, however, that something was wrong. People told me, "Welcome to getting old!" My immediate thought following was always, I'm only 25 (that's when it started getting drastic)! If it keeps getting worse, I honestly don't know how 50 year-olds are even alive and walking!

A large snail we found on one of our walks.

Wordless Wednesday

Is that REALLY real? Part 2

A reoccurring dream I had last night about past events reminded me of two other really great examples of ADHD.

In high school I used to forget my P.E. locker combo all the time. Once I had even used the combo to dress out, but an hour later for the life of me could not remember the combo to get back into regular clothes. I ended up having to have the teacher use bolt cutters to cut the lock. I had tried every combo I could think of until I was going to be missing my next class...

Along those same lines of school stuff: I signed up for an online class once upon a time before I was put on academic probation (and subsequently failed out of junior college), and I forgot that I ever even signed up for the class until the semester was already half over. Obviously had I remembered I'd have withdrawn before the deadline (or even logged on and attempted to do the course work!)... But by that point it was too late.

After dropping out of school was when my therapist diagnosed me with ADD. We worked on behavioral therapy for over a year together. With that experience, I was able to be successful in the military, earn an associate's degree, and finish 6 online classes with an A- average (even while parenting a toddler with Autism).

So again, ADD (or whatever it really is) DOES exist, you really can forget the unforgettable beyond belief even when you try your hardest. And behavioral therapy can work WONDERS!

Until I am back to a regular computer, here is the long link to the original post: http://www.sublimedream.com/2011/10/is-that-really-real.html

Trying Something New

This is my first real go at publishing a post on my iPhone using Google's new Blogger app. There are DEFINITELY some issues for them to work out. I did my part already and gave some feedback...

I'll keep this test post simple: I won't get into a review of the flaws of this first version of the app, but test the feature I've most looked forward to.

... Uploading a photo via mobile phone! Sergio goes on business this week and needs his computer for school. This makes me remember I need to urgently fix MY computer! Anyone know if the geek squad can replace keyboard keys while they are at it?!

Please Don't Turn The Page!

Grover isn't just our pick of the week!

Starbucks now offers apps as "Picks of the week" as well as songs on iTunes.  I'm not sure how much longer these cards will last, so run to a Starbuck's for your code and some coffee!

This was one of my family's favorites, growing up, and being the classics that it is, I am guessing the same for most of you out there!  My mom bought each of my siblings and I copies of it when we started having our own kids; and it has been a squeal inducing delight ever since for both of the boys!

I have to say, it looks as though this app version is no different!  If anything it may be that much more magical!  Not only is is a book that they've always adored, but it now is interacting with them, and they get to hear the real Grover's voice.  Not mom's cheap Grover imitation: it's a bit of relief for me as well in that way!  My voice gets so hoarse from "doing the Grover", that I often have to hide that one particular book for a bit of recovery time.

"Is That REALLY Real?"

I am often hearing the question, "Is that really real?", when I explain that I have ADD. This kind of drives me a little bit crazy. Yes, it is really real. Yes, it may be over (or mis-) diagnosed. No, I don't think it is fully understood at all.

This sign is about the jist of how my brain feels around other people.
I questioned the validity of it myself upon being diagnosed. I voraciously began to read everything I could get my hands on. With every new page turned, I felt like I was reading my own unauthorized auto biography.

Coconut Pancakes

Coconut pancakes
I made these Coconut pancakes for my family last week, and they flew off the counter!  I have made several variations on this, but this most recent version has been the favorite so far!  Living on the island, I've been a little bit more aware of adding "tropical flares" to my food.  Sergio is happy, because he is a big coconut lover!

What's the Hold Up? Private Donation For Autism Research

Start here by watching this powerful video made by a loving father who obviously cares very much about his daughter, her condition, and her recovery.  A man on a mission.

Here are some highlights, from the video, that I've typed out for you:

  • 1 in 110 children will be diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) this year.
  • More kids will be diagnosed this year with ASD than AIDS, Diabetes, and Cancer combined.
Yet private donation totals remain lower than less prevalent conditions; for example:
  • Leukemia affects 1 in 1,200 Funding: 277 million
  • Muscular Dystrophy affects 1 in 100,000 Funding: 162 million
  • Pediatric AIDS affects 1 in 300 Funding: 394 million
  • Juvenile Diabetes affects 1 in 500 Funding: 156 million
  • Autism affects 1 in 110 Funding: 79 million
  • Autism research received .6% of the total annual budget of National Institute of Health in 2010.
So why do I think this is?  Some people won't like what I have to say.  If that's the case, I think it will largely have to do with me not wording myself right- let me throw that out here now. 

Cherish Your Friendships and Relationships

"No distance of place or lapse of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each other's worth."
Robert Southey

Today I am sad because you are flying far away (You = You know who you are).  I will miss you so much.  You've been a second sister to me since we were seven.  You are the only friend I have held on to since early childhood.  I guess being raised together has kept us together.  Your family is mine, and mine is yours.

The Things Kids Say... ASD style

So then.  The title says it all.  If you are like me, mom to a child with Autism, you wonder sometimes about the things coming out of their mouths.  I am so so so grateful there is anything coming out of his mouth.  Before Early Intervention, Kekito was 20 months old and could say, "Ball, Blue, Ma, & No", all only very recent acquisitions at the time.  EI seemed to have unlocked his brain, because within 2 months, words started pouring out.

This one took a while to figure out.

Starting a Blog: Tips I Wish I Knew From the Start

Starting a Blog

Thinking of starting a blog?  Learn the things I wish I would have known beofre I started mine!

"Blogging requires a serious amount of learning. I feel like I still learn something new every week that I wish I had been doing all along..." -said Sommer (author of the blog A Spicy Perspective) recently, on a SITS Featured Blogger interview .  Boy did that resonate with me.  Then flash forward to the next day, I woke up to an e-vite to my neighbor's new blog.  He's been wanting to start it for a while and mentioned a couple times over the last year that he had a few questions about blogging.

So all this got me to thinking about the sort of things I wish I had known from the jump off.  What would I want to share with him to help?  Why not share it with everyone?  I am not a blogging genius.  Haha, that may be obvious, but even so like Sommer said, "...I still learn something new every week..." But I can at least try to share what I have learned.  I jumped into blogging at the suggestion of a friend, and it was unbelievably off the cuff.  It went a little something like this. I knew nothing and that was frustrating.

Kekito Loves Hats

The Toxin Eating You Alive

Curious what I am convinced is eating you from the inside out?   I bet you anything, you'll probably agree (at least somewhat).   I see it all the time, and I don't think I can honestly say I have a single mommy friend that hasn't confirmed it's presence in their lives.   It's something I just want to talk about because it's been on my mind like crazy.   I know everyone is aware of it.  I know no one will be able to eradicate it.  But I want to encourage all of us.   So... what is it???

Bellows AFB beach cabins (part II)

Adventure, I tell you!  Or, depending on how you look at it, sheer terror and sleep deprivation.  I see a little of both in it.
Did you know that Hawaii is home to amazingly awful centipedes?  It's true!  There is a price to pay to live in paradise.  I had thought when we first moved here, the price to pay was super super (super) high cost of living.  Turns out it also factors in a ton of bugs and other creatures that are nasty or annoying.  The centipede is the only one that actually scares me.  I know what you are thinking.  She has got to be exaggerating for dramatic effect.  So I dare you... Click here to see what these monsters look like.

Yeah.... monsters.

So night adventure number two started out with Danny waking up crying (mostly because he was sad about being in a new place).  I was able to settle him back to sleep on a bed with me, but there was no way he was willing to go back to his port-a-crib.  Maybe an hour later, Kekito woke up screaming.  "I need a band-aid!  Ooowww!  I need a band-aid!" Off I ran to lay with him.  He always says he needs a band-aid for his hands and feet when they go numb while he is asleep; so I asked him if that was what was wrong.  "Yes", he answered with a long sad little whine.  Every so often he kept shifting his weight and crying that he needed a band-aid.  Finally I started worrying about what may be wrong.  Nature called, so I asked Kekito to wait just a minute, and I would be right back.  I was worried about centipedes by that point, so I decided to flip the bathroom light switch just in case.  I am not sure if I am glad I did or not.  But there it was.  A long centipede right (enter PARALYZING FEAR) there about 4 inches from my feet.  Obviously I flipped the heck out and ran out to get Kekito and bring him into the light.  I had been sure this must have been the reason for his waking with a scream. 

Bellows AFB beach cabins (part I)

One word: Breath-taking.  Is that technically one word?  Oh screw it...  Breath-taking, beautiful, amazing, awesome, wonderful, peaceful, adventure-filled.  So many words once you really sit and reflect.

We went to stay for two days at a beach cabin and, as I posted on Facebook that same day we arrived, "I think we found Heaven".

I had to make a little joke about that thought the next day... while the environment was serene and awe-inspiring, we had a rough and tumble adventure.  Absolutely memory building and bonding as a family though. I told Sergio that God must have decided to remind me that I was wrong- we weren't anywhere near the beauty of Heaven!
The first night was rough due to the fact that Kekito was on the tail end of a stomach bug, and I am forgetful when things don't follow routine.  Long story shorter: we moved bath time to just after beach time; which was too far before bed time for a diaper.  See where we are headed?  Yeah... that's right, I put Kekito to bed with out a diaper while he was having diarrhea struggles.  Mommy of the year award... Sorry if that's too much for you- if it is, stop reading.  Now. You can just look at the photos!

Potty training a toddler with Autism:

Could anything else be more frustrating?  Maybe. I am not sure; but I will let you know if I find anything that takes more time and patience!

I am sure everyone has heard all the same stories I did: "We did it over a long weekend before he started day care.", "She just woke up one day and said, I want to use the potty and wear princess underwear.",  "They just need to be naked outside for a couple days.", "It took a long time, probably an entire month!", and most of all "When he is ready, he will just do it on his own."  I am not sure if these people were just amazingly lucky?  Or if that is something I have to look forward to with Danny hopefully?!  Or maybe they are full of bologna or fuzzy memories?

Healthier baked donughts

3/4 c whole wheat flour
1/2 c all-purpose flour
1/3 c wheat germ
1/4 c ground flax seal meal
1 1/4 tsp. baking powder
1/8 tsp. ground nutmeg
1/2 tsp. sea salt
1/2 tsp. baking soda
2 1/4 tbsp. corn starch

1/2 unsweetened almond milk
1 egg, lightly beaten
1 1/2 tbsp. butter, melted
3/8 c clover honey

Preheat oven to 400 degrees F. Spray doughnut mold with nonstick spray.

Sift the flour together with the other dry ingredients in a large bowl. Add the wet ingredients to the bowl and stir until just combined. Fill each compartment of a doughnut mold about half full using a pastry bag (or Ziploc bag with tip cut off). Bake for approximately 4-6 min until doughnuts spring back when light pressure is applied.

"Yummy Pasta Salad"

Yes, that's really  the name; and yes it does live up to the hype!

This is a really interesting pasta salad that my friend Casey introduced me to.  I've never had one like it before.  It is on the sweet side which is new to me; but oh so tasty! It is the perfect pasta for a hot summer BBQ or picnic!

Main ingredients:
2 c grapes cut into halves
2 c torn spinach
1 bag "Wacky Mac" noodles 
1 c diced cucumber

1/2 c olive oil
1/2 c sugar
2 tbsp vinegar
1 tsp salt
1/2 tsp minced onion
1 tbsp lemon juice

Make dressing first, mix well, and set aside.
Make the salad, then toss with the dressing and chill well.

(Extra tasty on the second day!  Great news if you are looking for something good to make ahead!)

I'm just going to sit here and look pretty.

Today started out beautifully; but as is usual lately, it's kind of fallen apart by mid day. I think one of the things that frustrates me about living with Autism is how hard it is to ever have a really nice day ALL DAY. I know it's not all that common for most families with ANY small children to often have smooth days. But I FEEL like with Kekito it may be harder. I feel like instead I live in beautiful moments, which I have learned to be mostly ok with. But I don't think it's as easy as that for everyone around me. K is so easily set off by so many things and I always wonder if the stress will make us all weaker or stronger. I feel like with everyone in my world I am responsible for ensuring they have a good time while also looking out for K's triggers and good time. I want to be consistent with him even when it's awful and hard. But i end up feeling like I burst other peoples bubbles on the way. I need to get off the tight rope. If you have any suggestions, or feel the same, please feel free to comment! I'd love to hear, learn, and commiserate! While we drive to labor day weekend BBQ, I will just sit quietly cutting out pretend M&Ms (I will explain that later), while I silently pray persistantly for a peaceful ride and evening. If I get the answer I want, maybe you will get to see some pictures! :)

Coming up for air again.

I've had my head burried in the sand for a bit there.... Typical for an ADDer not wanting to deal with emotional and overwhelming frustrations

I let myself get wound up and spun out with self imposed pressures, as well as the very real
pressures of day to day life. I guess I've had some time to sit back and reflect on what's going on in life, where I am headed, deal with silly personal dramas. Now I am thinking I am finally ready to pull my head out my.... Um, sandbox.

I am thinking maybe I can't consistently stick to anything for longer than 6 months, or else I will break the cycle of the only thing I have ever managed to do consistently.

Need more proof that my brain is broken?

Well, I'm totally crazy.  In a kooky way though- not a 51-50 sort of way! ;) 

Every so often something happens that makes me realize on a whole new level how officially wacky my brain is.  Most recently, I received this really awesome gesture from my friend Chris @ A crazy kind of faith.  The first 30 seconds upon seeing that she passed on a "stylish blogger" bloggy award to Sublime Dream, I was all smiles.  Then, when I realized how daunting (?crazy much?) it would be finding friends to pass it on to that don't already have it- I panicked.  Completely frozen, I decided I'd put it off until I had time to scour all my buddy's sites to see who already had it.  Then I thought, "Well you know, I don't want to just be all up on my blog posting without acknowledging the awesome gesture.... and I don't want to sound crazy explaining why something so nice and simple is stressing me out so badly".  So of course, I couldn't be seen again until I made it right.... yeah that makes sense, lol.  Then I kept thinking that if I explained it all, it'd make me come across as all wrapped up in myself.  I have had a long history of coming across the wrong way to people.  (A sore spot that also popped it's head up in the last couple weeks- but that's a whole other post...)  I definitely didn't want that to happen here.

I've thought of so many little things I wanted to blog about over the last couple weeks.... but I felt like I just couldn't until I had finished the passing on of the award first.  I buried my head so deep in the sand to avoid my anxiety.  But now I've got to get over it! =) 

It's yet another effect of the ADD....  Something little that I made bigger and bigger in my head until it's totally overwhelming.  Just like not being able to check my email or voice mails.  That's the worst thing of all I think.  I don't know why, but the sight of a new voicemail sends me nearly into a tizzy.  I've been this way since I was a young teenager.  I think I had bad phone experiences with Jake E. and Matt G. back in junior high school.=)  I seem to have had a ridiculous phone phobia ever since.

I should have brought this up before for behavioral therapy, but I'm kind of thinking I don't know if I'd even be brave enough to face that phobia....  I literally get tightness in my chest and have to take several deep breaths before calling to check my voicemail.  Sometimes, I even panic when I accidentally hit the check voicemail button, and scramble to hit the end button.  My voice mail honestly only gets checked about 5 times a year.  These days, your voice mails delete after a few months of not being checked.  This leaves room for new voice mails on a regular basis.  Sigh.... back in the good old days when cell phones were "new" they just "filled up"; my mail box was simply full all the time.  I loved having a full mailbox.  It meant I could never get a new one to feel anxiety over.

Just yesterday my husband saw a burned C.D. that my friend Ric gave me when I was a teenager.  Written upon it were the bold, underlined words, "CHECK YOU MAIL!!!!!!".   Yes, I've loooong had a problem with social anxiety.  Even though emails from Ric (my best friend at the time) would have made my day, worrying about whatever else may be lurking in there kept me away from my inbox.

I know it makes no sense.  It makes me feel so crazy....  I recently chatted about it with a friend of mine, and I swear I must have made her re-think our friendship!  On the bright side, my sister said she feels the same to a certain degree, so that's a bit of comfort that I'm not totally alone! (For a more hilarious telling of phone phobia tales, visit Ms. Amanda at Life is a Spectrum)

Until I'm brave enough to face the phone phobia; I guess texting is my best friend.  And for now, I need to start making baby steps at getting back into my blog. Aye!

Seeing magic for what it is

Watch the full episode. See more NOVA scienceNOW.

Watching Nova tonight, we learned another little tidbit about awesome autism skills.  Magic isn't likely to fool autistic individuals due to the fact that the magician tends to rely on joint attention to pull off tricks.  They use joint attention to distract the audience from their slight of hand!

Busy, Busy, Busy...

Being an ADD girl, writing in spurts and coming back to finish at a later time seems soooo unlikely to happen, that I've never bothered trying.  But I think I may just have to try that.  Life has been so busy lately.  Mostly because I've somehow made it that way.  I need to figure out a new routine for our newly freed-up days.  You'd think there was no way I could feel so busy after saying adios to 3 hours of ABA training each day, and downsizing to just 1 child from 8 am to 1:45 pm.  But it's oddly possible.

I dreamed that having Kekito in school everyday would leave me with wild amounts of time to blog, paint, read, you name it!  But instead I find myself chasing the elusively "spic and span 100% of the time" house.  Of course it still doesn't exactly happen; so maybe I need to try setting some ground rules to keep me sane when I get into a cleaning flurry.  Whatever it is I am doing, I seem to focus on it fully, and all else ceases to exist. :(  Currently, the house is my obsession.

In hopes of changing all this gunk, I decided to start ADD medication.  I asked the Dr. for Adderall because I know my body, and I know that I need a stimulant.  He said yes, but came back in the room saying the pharmacy was out, so he'd try Strattera.  I was pretty sure that was one that was not a stimulant...  So I asked him, "Is it the same medication as Adderall?"  Apparently that wasn't specific enough of a question (my bad...), because he answered, "Yes, basically the exact same thing".  Not the case.  It's not at all the same type of medicine. 

So no help there, Just feeling sleepy; among other undesirable effects.  But at least I tried it, and I can tell the Dr. next week, that this is just not going to happen.  I'd rather be swimming in ADD brain than be on this medicine....
Hopefully a month from now I'll find myself happily balancing the things on my mind.

It's not exactly what I had imagined

Well, it's been an insanely long time since I've written.  To be precise, not since Kekito's first day of preschool.

I had built up these images in my head about our first day.  Sigh.....  It was idyllic- IN MY HEAD, but NOT when it came down to making it a reality.  Oh holy moly!

I had hoped to snap a sweet memory of him and his backpack
bouncing off to school (this is the one we got instead).

We had practiced walking to school every day for two weeks.  We had practiced wearing his super awesome new "Cars" backpack.  We. Were. READY.  But apparently, not so much! lol  The morning was crazy hysterics; starting from our first step out of the door.

He got a lot better about walking to school, but followed that up, shortly after, with a cold.  Ugh.  Then the best Mom in the world came to visit as well.  So crazy busy, with no chances to write, only time to live.

This week came with all new challenges trying to potty train and explain to him why Grammy was no longer hanging out with us all day! 

This last Friday though, I finally had it- my idyllic preschool day!  He was over the loss of Grammy to California; we figured out that he didn't want to potty unless he washed his hands before as well as after; and we learned that we needed to walk/run/skip/hop/jump/snake/creep/march to school. ;)

So next week, let's hope I can get back to my bloggy love- writing and reading!!!!!!!!! Missed ya'll! ;)

My personal ADD/Autism update...

I questioned in November how much ADD is related to Autism.  I have looked all over and had not really found any credible, informative answers.

Recently I began seeing a new psychologist to get my ADD diagnosis into my medical records.  When I described all my little quirks, he replied, "What you just described sounds a lot like Autism.  You don't have Autism, but you mentioned your son does.  The thing is, there is a genetic loader for Autism.  Nearly all kids with Autism have ADD.  So much so, that it is just assumed that it is part of the diagnosis."

Holy cow!  That cracked me up that it's been on my mind so much, and then he busts that out.  I must have seemed a little crazy, laughing and looking all lit up; but I told him I had been wondering if maybe ADD was in fact at the highest functioning end of ASD.

I explained how I felt that to a small degree I could understand some of the madness that swirls around in K's poor little body at times.  ADD symptoms often leave me at the end of my rope it feels like.  I can't imagine how much worse it is for K.  I am glad though, that it can help me keep perspective sometimes in the midst of a melt down.

My therapist smiled at me and said, "ADD and Autism have so many common traits, and they are so likely to occur either together, or within families.  They are very much related, and sort of intertwined.  You're right that you probably have a good idea of what goes on in your son's mind".

So anyway, I just wanted to post that tidbit, for those of you who read the last post.

Kekito's Birthday Photos!

We had a blast at Kekito's 3rd birthday party!  Sadly, Kekito woke in the middle of the night with croup cough.... but on the bright side, he was healthy for his party!  I can't believe how big he is getting!  Tomorrow is his first day of preschool!  I'll make sure to post a picture of his walk to school soon. =)

K's birthday cake

Singing made him slightly anxious...

But enduring The Birthday Song was worth it for cake!

We even had a pinata!  I'm so jealous!