"A Room With a View"

What an awesome day!  Sergio has lately been really beginning to understand just how much I need a break from "mommy hood" to just be Jill and let off steam.

So he so thoughtfully decided to surprise me with another spa massage!  Although.... I found out that there was more to the surprise.  Two weeks ago when we watched "Date Night" he asked why I laughed so hard after Tina Fey said that she didn't fantasize about other men, but rather about being alone in a hotel for a whole day and night.  I explained that I had this fantasy several times a month... several times... the exact same one.  It was so funny to know I wasn't the only one "fantasizing"!  Sergio decided to surprise me with my own fantasy night in Waikiki! Just relaxing, relaxing, and relaxing.

Sadly for me, he didn't realize that even hotel masseurs need appointments.  I thought mine was booked by him... oops!  But boy, I still have had fun!

On a crazy but related side note....  I missed Kekito's first steps/walking on the one night I went to a hotel in San Francisco.  I had always thought, "How crazy is it that I never leave him ever, and the one time I do.... I miss it?!"  I knew this time, I would not miss Danny's because I had no one to watch them while I gallivanted about town.  So go figure; Sergio books my fantasy suite, and two days ago Danny started taking 3 steps here, 3 steps there.

This morning I told him, "Do not walk while I'm gone.  It's one day, so you can wait.  Okay? ...Okay!"  I kissed my sweet baby boy goodbye for one small day.  Less than a couple hours later, guess what text message I got:

"Danny is walking all over the living room".  So Sergio and I talk, and yes, he is walking for real.  Really Danny?  Really?!?!? ;)

So the only response I could come up with was:

"I can't believe they are so intimidated by me that they wait until I'm gone!"  Yes, I am going with that!  They want so badly to impress me, that they wait until they can perfect it before they show it off for me!  It's the only explanation that makes it somewhat OK for me... :)

Tomorrow when I get home, I'll snap up some video of my little wobbly walker to share with you all!


Ashley said...

What a gorgeous view! That is totally my fantasy, too. I don't need much for my fantasy. I'd be good with a Motel 6 on the interstate as long as there were no cheerios on the floor or laundry waiting to be folded or dishes piled in the sink. Hope you enjoyed it! I know you must have had a great time!

Ana said...

wow that is an ammaaziing view! im so glad that sergio gave you this much needed break! i cant believe you missed both boys first steps!

danny is growing up soo fast ;(

Sublime Dream said...

The best part is we didn't have to pay for it! We used his hotel rewards. I'd totally be good with a motel 6 too! =)

Michelle Saunderson said...

If only the house cleaned it self and the laundry got done while you were away.

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

What a sweet hubby and your little one is growing so fast!

MommyToTwoBoys said...

I know what you mean. I never, ever leave. I am always worried I will miss something huge. I feel for you. BUT, you had a fabulous time!!! You needed to refresh and recharge.