Numbers Whiz

Today was our well check up for both the boys; all is well with Kekito and Danny, YAY!

We couldn't get a completely accurate read on K's height (because a Dr.s office is scary!), but he is finally gaining weight!  He's moved up to the 60th percentile there!  Danny is at the 75th percentile on both height and weight.

Developmentally, Danny is on track as well, so that makes me a happy mommy!

The crazy part of our day though....  Kekito stunned me yet again with his love of numbers!  The developmental questionnaire said to say "seven-three" once to your child to see if they would repeat it back.  I knew that wouldn't be a problem considering his Echolalia, but I did it anyway.  In the flash of time it took to look down and check "yes", Kekito followed up his "seven-three" with "eight-two, nine-one, ten-zero".  All in one breath... no real time spent in thinking it out. 

My jaw dropped, and eyes popped.  I told him, "Kekito, you amaze me." 

I can't believe he made up his own pattern!  I'd be shocked as it was if he'd have noticed the pattern from two sets of numbers, but making his own in a split second?!  Phew... awesome.  I swear his brain is a computer.  He may have problems processing anything more than emoticons some days ;)  but it seems like he processes consistently factual information like nobody's business!

Baby Danny, it looks like, will be the "jock" of the family!  He's already bouncing and throwing balls all over the place!  Today he even fought his Daddy for control of the football. =)


JEN said...

Wow!!!! That's amazing ;)
I am so proud that K is soooo smart ;) and I am elated that Danny is hitting his markers. You are truly blessed to have such wonderful boys and they are equally as blessed to have such a creative and loving mom. I truly miss you guys and hope to meet up with you guys in the future. ;)

Ana said...

First of all, I love your blog! I especially love it because I get to "see" how the boys are doing. I'm so thankful that their checkups went well and i am equally amazed at kekitos ability! it would even take me a few moments to think of that pattern! yay kekito.

Chris P-M said...

WOW! That is amazing :) I didn't even figure out the pattern until my husband pointed it out to me! (I'm a little slow on the uptake though...)

Have a good Christmas!

Sublime Dream said...

Thanks ladies! =) It took me a second to think it out too! He was staring at me funny waiting for my response... lol

Anonymous said...

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