Reaching goals!

Oh how exciting the last couple days have been!  Kekito has been learning so much.  Up until now whatever question you asked, he'd repeat back without an answer (Echolalia).

In our current IEP, one of our four goals was to have him be able to answer 4 questions (other than yes or no) with one word answers.  We decided to try to work on things that will help him socially like, "What's your name?".  Although it wasn't on our IEP, I was also hoping for him to learn how to answer yes or no questions as well.

Well guess what!!!  In the last two days he has learned to answer THREE questions.  1) "What's your name?" 2) "How old are you?" 3) "Where do you live?" (I figured this last one is always good to know)...  I just have to share this cute video with you all:

I only wish I could include him saying our address- it is adorable but obviously not such a great idea.  Since we live in Hawaii, most of the street names are Hawaiian.  Hearing a toddler attempt such a mouthful puts a huge grin on your face.

I am brimming over with pride!  I am beyond ecstatic with his achievements.  Oh, and the cherry on top?  It looks like he's finally figured out how the "yes" answer works!  Of course he's known how to say no for a long time now.  But today he has answered "yes" appropriately to several questions.

Sigh.... I love my babies!  I think I'll always call them my babies.  It's so nice on the days when you can clearly see all the hard work Kekito, his therapists, and I do paying off!  I am stoked to see the awesome young man he grows into!


Sara (from Saving for Someday) said...

Hi Jill,

I'm stopping by from SITS. What a lovely blog. And your story and how you met your husband is just so sweet.

I loved the video of Kekiko singing Twinkle. I wish you much success with his program.

Life with Kaishon said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww. He is so cute Jill! What an absolute sweetie! I love how he sings Twinkle Twinkle at the end. Precious! : )

Good luck on your learning adventure. He is just adorable!

Amanda Broadfoot said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! That is so very awesome!

I know what a big deal the questions are. We're STILL working on hearing "yes" in response to yes/no questions (like your son, Billy has no problems with NO :-) and many of the "wh" questions.

He is so beautiful and I know you are so very proud of him -- and you should be proud of yourself TOO! Thank you for sharing this big milestone.

Sara @ Saving For Someday said...

Jill, now what are the chances that you'd be the comment right above mine AGAIN today on SITS? I think we both need to enter the lottery!!! ;-)

I think it was meant to be that I visit your site. Have a great day.

Minnesota Mamaleh said...

aww love the clip and your love and pride for your little guy literally exude from your words-- love it! :)

Together We Save said...

Love that clip... he is such a cutie!

Lynn said...

So darn CUTE! I could eat him up!

Grace Adams said...

I'll bet your son can say the name of your Hawaiian street better than I can!

Congratulations! That's a huge deal, and I know you're thrilled.

Chris P-M said...

Your son is adorable! I know about those little milestones, and they can totally make your whole day, can't they? We're working on the echoalia thing too, as well as "yes vs. no." So glad to have gotten to know you on SITS! :)