Mother's intuition

My goal with this blog is to blog about all sorts of things in my life.  I don't intend for it to turn into a blog purely about Autism.  I'm down with blogs aimed that direction (I read a few myself), but still this isn't my intent.  Just wanted to throw that out there.  ;)

I blog about what's on my mind and about the things that catch my interest.  Lately, however, Autism has been a large part of that.  There have been so many things I've wanted to post up on here about Autism in our lives.  But with out an official diagnosis up until recently, I didn't want the hassle of people telling me I was being paranoid.  Now that I can say whatever I want to say... there's just so much to say!

"A clue!  A clue!"  His imagination is
One thing I've mulled over a lot in my mind is "mother's intuition" (or "women's intuition"- whatever's clever).  I'm curious to hear what everyone else thinks about it.  Do you believe it's a real phenomenon?  Why or why not?

Here's the thing: the entire time I was pregnant with Kekito, I had a gut feeling that he would be Autistic.  The few people I told tried to reassure me that I was just being overly worried.  But it didn't feel like a worry.  It felt like it was just a fact.  Looking back now, I feel like it was God's way of preparing me. 
K's creative lately: 
He made his own "Blues Clues"!

I began noticing Kekito's Autism when he was about 10 months old.  I went back and forth with "is it?" or isn't it?".  I wanted so badly to believe that it was not Autism slowly stealing him away.  But I kept remembering back to those pregnancy memories.  The only reason I think I even noticed it that young was because I kept looking and looking for it.  I was very sure he would have it.  The first few months of Kekito's life, I actually felt a lot of surprise and relief that he was completely average.

We are so blessed that we were able to get intervention for him at such a young age.  I shudder to imagine the different boy he'd likely be today had we not acted on our suspicions.  He had very little interest in us, no words, and no eye contact.  Now he is literally like sprinkled sunshine in my day (most days). ;)  Always quick to grab my attention and show me all the little things he's learned.  He's very proud of himself, and I'm so proud of him too!

So any brushes with your own intuition?  I'd love to hear!


JEN said...

I completely believe in mother's intuition (sp)...there just sometimes that you just know.
And who knows a child better than the people who spend the most time with them...

Jill thank you for sharing you thoughts and your life...I truely miss you guys being closer and hope to have you guys back in our lives.

-sending love from Jersey
Jen and Jonas ;)

TheSublimeLife said...

Jen- Thanks so much! I miss you like crazy! =( I totally wish I was near you! Just... near you out here!!!!! ;)

Jen Currier said...

Wow- another amazing story from a Mom who "just knew". Your son is absolutely adorable and I have no doubt that he sprinkles sunshine on you and your family most days (Hey-no one's perfect!) :)

Martha@A Sense of Humor is Essential said...

That is an adorable picture of your son with his "blue's clues", super cute!
Hmm, I listen to my intuition daily and there's a great book about it, The Gift of Fear for Children by Gavin DeBecker.

Cheryl D. said...

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest! Yup, another Spring Chicken posted just under you on the SITS board today!

I totally believe in women's intuition. I actually think everyone (including MEN) have this intuition, but women are better are listening to it!

I'm glad to hear your son is doing so well (he's quite the cutie!). Early intervention makes a HUGE difference!

misssrobin said...

Not only do I believe in mother's intuition, I have experienced it more times than I can remember.

I believe God knows how difficult mothering is. I believe women by nature are closer to God. I believe those two things are why we should be listened to when we have a hunch about our children.

Trust your heart. Everything in the world will tell you to deny it, or that it's not logical, or that you are just being paranoid. Don't listen to that. Your heart is more connected to your child than anything else in the world. You pick up on things you aren't even aware of. You're a great mom.

I'm so glad you were aware and followed your suspicions. You have a beautiful little boy. I am happy he is doing better.