Thinking about my first giveaway...

So I have been really getting back into blogging, and my steam is building!  Lately I've been thinking about diving into my first giveaway! 

It's something I'll for sure be doing soon; but I'm trying to think of some things readers might really enjoy!  I do plan on reviewing and giving away a bottle of Avon ANEW Clinical stretch mark smoother next month. For this month, however, I am not sure if I should start with a gift card, or something awesome I can offer a review on!

So please let me know the sorts of things you'd be interested in seeing here as our very first ever giveaway!

1 comment:

Tammy said...

Lot of people love gift cards! I think that is your biggest attention getter.

Thanks for stopping by from SITS! I love it over there, although I haven't been very faithful over the summer.

Have a great week!