Pure genius: The mama dramas

The mama dramas... Go check on it!  For real, it's pure awesomeness.  If you are a mommy, wife (& wives to be), or husband, then I hereby demand it.

Mama blogger Mary is hilarious!  She and her husband created their first episode of their new web series, "The Mama Dramas" loosely based on her life.  Her web series "Mama Mary Show" is equally entertaining!

The first episode finds Mary and her husband going out on date night.  She provides entertaining tips & quips.  And my favorite part- the self professed Twitter addict makes a deal with her husband that if he catches her checking her Twitter on her beloved IPhone one more time... BJs every night for a week!  Oh snap!  Hilarious...  I am dying for the next episode already!

I won't spoil how that one ends for you- go watch it... now! ;) ENJOY!


Martha said...

Thanks for the link to something funny! Also your visit to my blog, I appreciate it.

Diva said...

Thanks for visiting during my SITS Day! I know what it's like to struggle to find yourself. Hang in there!

Mama Mary said...

Thanks so much for linking up to my first episode of the Mama Dramas! I will be off to peruse your site. And wait...you live in Honolulu? Can I come visit???