My very first Blog.... I think? (re-posted)

Back to blogging week at SITS- and our first assignment is to re-post our very first blog post, so here mine is.  One of my very good friends suggested I start one, and start one I did.  It's getting there! It's starting to resemble a blog! ; )

I'm not so sure about what all this blog stuff is.... I think the first time I heard the word was about.... a year ago? Long after I had been reading people's "blogs" (little did I know....). I've written journals on personal networking sites... not sure if that counts.
Well anyway, I guess I'll just use the first phase of this experience to tell you about myself.

I am a CALIFORNIA GIRL! Through and through till the day I leave this Earth! I used to be a mechanic on airplanes in the military. Now I am a fulltime mom and online student- it's oh so exciting. Mmmm- mostly just really tiring. I wish I was in Diego Garcia instead sometimes- so far from the world!

Anyway. I am just pretty dang happy with life. I have my days... weeks... sometimes months.... but I just can't tell you how much I just feel like I'm on the verge of discovering something great and new each day. Even if it's a teeny-tiny something amazing- it's an amazing life none the less.

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