My inspiration has a first name... it's M-o-M-m-Y...

Continuing with the SITs Girls "Back to Blogging" theme, I am writing today about the woman who most inspires me.  While there are so many woman who greatly inspire me and whom have impacted my life; none are quite like my mom.

She is one of 12 kids- that right there is amazing!  And she truly has the patience of a saint. 

She met my dad on a blind date just before she turned 16, and they are still in love today (a whole other inspiring story).  She has taught me how to love.  How to love God; how to love your partner in life; how to love your children; how to love friends; how to love even those who are less desirable to have in your life.  Love is the most important part of our human experiences; and this I learned in great part from her.

Being a mom now has given me a whole other insight to how patient she is.  I always admired that about her, but now it's multiplied immeasurably.  Mothering a toddler with Autism has been extremely challenging and so much of the way I cope and manage his daily interactions are based on the life lessons learned from mom.  She is a Registered Nurse and takes care of people day in and day out. Her whole life is devoted to helping others.  Once she was given a little plaque that said, "Nurses have real patience".  I like that play on words, because it is unbelievably true of my mom.  I actually think of that plaque often.  I remember it at least once a month when I consider my mom and her gift of great patience.  I've complimented her many times on it, and the funny thing is she is so humble and often says she really doesn't think her patience is so great.  If she only knew.  Maybe me putting this out to the whole world will help her to really believe how much I mean it!

I look back now on all the things she did for us growing up, like teaching us to bake, clean, and take care of ourselves, and so many other things and realize now how much work it is to be responsible for another human's life and outcome!

My greatest goal in life is to mother my sons and be appreciated half as much as my mom has succeeded.

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Mrs. Mootz said...

Your mom sounds amazing! It's so great that you have such a wonderful inspiration in your mom :)