Monday funday!

Today was a really fun day for us.  We went to my niece's 3rd birthday party, and it was great!  She got lots of awesome toys... which K will thoroughly enjoy : P (and will cause many screeching matches to come). 

K enjoying some birthday frosting
Days like this make me feel blessed to have my little bit of family here on the island.  Technically Saree is not my sister.  Not by blood.  But in every other way.  We met at just 7 years old when we moved next door to each other.  From then on we were inseparable!  Even down to our extended family members we've become forever intertwined. 

We've maintained an insanely close bond through cross country moves, long separations, both our military careers & our husband's military careers (and all the PCSing that entails...), babies, love, and heartaches.  We've been there through it all for each other conquering any time, distance, or space.

Being isolated on an island, I can't tell you the blessing it is to be just a hop skip and a jump away from family.  Having someone who knows me to the core to laugh with, cry with, and share all life's struggles with is amazingly therapeutic!  All I can say is God sure does know what he's doing!  While my family couldn't pick up and follow me when I needed it... God put me across a continent, and across an ocean with someone just as special!

K and my nephew at the party.
Saree- Thank you for being my rock these days with all the madness and stress.  Thank you for making me laugh until I think I might pee my pants! 

To all my other amazing friends- Wishing so much you could be here with me too!  I appreciate deeply all your love and support over the years.  My life has been so blessed by so many.  If I had the energy left in me, I'd write an ode to you all! ;)

Point is:  There's something special about the friends you call family- because you choose to call them family.  I challenge everyone to take the time today to tell a close friend how meaningful they are in your life!  It may just make their day to know they are treasured.


The Local Cook said...

I totally agree! There's nothing like great friends. Thanks for stopping by on my SITS Day.

Sarah said...

awwww, you brought a tear to my eye. I love you too, bean.