Making it official!

Yesterday was a game changer.  Kekito was OFFICIALLY diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

It's amazing what a relief it was to have the psychologist emphatically say that it was obvious and to immediately start him on 10 hours a week with a skills trainer. 

Obviously, it's not that I am glad the is has Autism, but I am so glad that he is going to finally get more therapy!  Also it just feels like a weight off my shoulders.  The "what if I'm wrong" somehow?  I didn't want to be the crazy person convinced my son was autistic then turn out wrong; because I would have felt really badly for selling him short of his abilities.  I don't think I am saying this right. Sigh.... Anyway, so many people in my life that did not get to see him regularly have seemingly tried to make me feel nuts for feeling like I knew he had it.  The thing is that at this point, after all the work we've done at such an early age, he is very high functioning.  I'm sure the people in my life meant well, they probably thought they were reassuring me.  In reality it made me feel paranoid.  But I kept thinking to myself, I am the only person in his entire life who has spent this much time with him; we need to figure this out.

I am so glad I've stuck through this far, and with the progress he's made so far, I think his future looks so bright... "I'll need sunglasses" ;)  Really though.  Going from nonverbal and non responsive before the iron fix and Early Intervention, the difference is astounding and encouraging!

If you ever have concerns for your baby's development, don't hesitate to call EI (birth-3).  Even if all it does is give you piece of mind!  The earlier the intervention, the better the result in most cases!


Mel ~ said...

((((Hugs)))) Mama! You are a wonderful Mom, doing the greatest job you can. It is certainly something I can relate to hearing that people probably want to help reasure you, but in the end you feel paranoid and guilty. My two oldest have both been diagnosed - within the last year - with childhood onset bipolar disorder. I am still having a hard time with that. I am more convinced that my daughter certainly has the disorder, but my son seems more likely to be exhibiting high functioning Asberger's symptoms combined with high anxiety and inattentive ADD. Figuring it all out is a tremendous challenge.

I am glad to have found you (well, you found me first as a "Spring Chicken" I think)! I look forward to getting to know you.


Ashley said...

Ohhhh I can so relate. I'm so ready to make it official. The waiting is agonizing. It looks like it will be another 6 months on the waiting list for us before we get to have our evaluation. Argh. Can't wait to know what's next.