From "G.I. Jane" to mommy mechanic

Me on top of a KC-10 back in the day

So there I was in the kitchen taking apart my son's mag-na-doodle, and desperately trying to keep it from his prying eyes.  I knew that if he saw it my day would be shot and he'd be asking me to draw "clues" (Thanks Steve, Joe, & Blue...) on a broken doodler.

I stood there trying to figure out how best to fix the broken components and unscrewing various pieces when my muscle memory triggered thoughts of being a mechanic on KC-10 aircraft.  I thought how funny it was that I went from changing tires dang near as big as I am to fixing all these little broken gadgets.  What a change of pace my life has taken in the last few years...  I went from chasing after jets shouting, "I'll get the oil!", to chasing after a toddler and a baby screaming, "Get that out of your mouth... NOW!"

KC-10 in a desert sunrise

When I realized I couldn't fix it without the super glue I don't have, my heart sunk.  In that moment I realized how much I love chasing after my boys and how much I love making them happy.  Be it fixing their toys, baking cupcakes, or... (dare I say it?) even drawing "clues".

Sure, being a full time stay at home mom can be rough, but I think that all the little smiles, cuddles, and the memories they are making make it all worthwhile.  I've been wanting to get back to work lately, but I'm thinking now it had better wait until K has done all his work with his skills trainer and is off to preschool.  I've survived being a full time mommy mechanic thus far; I think I can stick it out until January!

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